what is the meaning of PUDNA in a punjabi song?

recently there was a punjabi song by preet brar. the songf was “TERA BADA KARARA PUDNA”. i want to know what is meaning of “PUDNA” in punjabi song.

3 Answers

  1. pudna means sexy figure in punjabi….it is not pudina(mint)

  2. Yes they are on the increase,reason is that Bollywood is now making a fusion of Punjabi,English and Arabic words in Hindi songs.Therefore now days Hindi songs do not contain full hindi words and therefore they are now a blend of every language put together in one song. My favorite Punjabi song is Dholna sung by Jawad Ahmad. *Blind Snooker Shot (Angel)©-Well my parents used to watch some serials on ARY channel.This song used to air everyday and that’s how I came to know about this song.

  3. It’s means mint-podina=pudna hope u get it:)

Relevant information

Indian music, especially the Bollywood variety, has seen such a great Punjabi influence in recent times that almost every song we sing, has at least a few Punjabi words (or an entire rap) in the language. From Honey Singh to Badshah, and Guru Randhawa to Diljeet Dosanjh – the plethora of Punjabi words thrown out way is astounding. There’s always Google translator, of course, but do you really know what these words mean? Or do you simply lip sync?

We often find our friends dancing and perfectly lip syncing songs with all the swag they’ve got, not having the slightest clue as to what those words mean or stand for. So today, we decided to help our fellow club/bathroom/car singers out, with the meanings of the most common words we hear in our favourite songs. Hoping this brings about more lyric appropriate dance moves. *wink*

Table of Contents

1. Patola – Beautiful Girl

Reference point – “Proper patola, nakhra ae swag…”

2. Tooh/Lakk – Bum/Backside/Butt

Reference point – “Left right kare chain churaaye tooh… tooh-tooh-tooh-tooh-tooh!”

3. Wakhra – Different

Reference point – “Aaja dassa tenu soniye ni fashion ki hunda, tere yaar da ta wakhra swag ni.. oh wakhra swag ni…”

4. Gallan – Talk/Conversation

Reference point – “Raat badi hai mastaani, koi dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyaan…”

5. Gabru – Stud boy

Reference point – “Haye ni haye nakhra tera ni, high rated gabru nu maare…”

6. Mutiiyaar – spinster

Reference point – “Ohde silky silky waal, nasal di gori aa, oh 6 footi muteyaar, ganne di porri aa…”

7. Panj Taara – 5 star

Reference Point – “Panj tara thekke utte behke taareya, main tera saara gussa…”

8. Gedi – Ride

Reference point – “Ho raat di gedi gal risk di, taang chhidi aa tere ishq di…”

9. Hor dass – Tell me more/Now tell me

Reference point – “Hor dass kinniyaan tareefan chahidi ae tenu”

10. Chetti – Fast/Quick

Reference point – “Car khadi tere bungalow de baahr, chheti chheti aaja hoke taiyyar…”

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