What is the equation for the x axis of this FBD?

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Assuming the FBD shown is in equilibrium, Solve for AC, where AB = 105 N 120 degrees, the weight is unknown. The angle between AC and the x – axis is 23 degrees.

Free Body Diagram: The free-body diagram of the system shows all kinds of forces (internal as well as the external forces) applied to the body with their magnitude and direction. The forces can be balanced (using a free-body diagram) in every direction if the system is in equilibrium.

Answer to question 1

17) The X axis is to the right side side.

The equation equating the X axis in the free body diagram is

The total force in the up direction is 10 + 15 = 25 N

The force downward is 20 N


The net force is 

Fnet = 25-20 = 5 N upward

Option C is correct.

Here, we can see that the force acting on the object in the up and down direction is the same (35 N)


They will cancel each other and there is no net force in either of these directions.

to the left the force is 10 N and the right is 25 N


The net force is

25-10 = 15 N to the right side.

Option A is correct.

Answer to question 2

17. Forces along x-axis is f and F

so F-f = 0

Third option is correct answer


18. 30 N force in upward direction.

10N and 15N force in down ward direction 

so net force = 30-10-15= 5N upward 

Third option is correct answer


19. along x-axis net force = 5-5 = 0

along y-axis  net force = 30-10= 20N UP

Third option is correct answer



along x-axis net force = 20-10 = 10 N left

along y-axis  net force = 35-35= 0

mass m = 3.0 kg


Answer to question 3

Answer to question 4

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