What is the difference between frock suit, umbrella suit and anarkali suit?

3 Answers

  1. they all flare out but the difference is that frock suits are the shortest, with the top being half way between thighs and knees

    umbrella suit is till your knees and anarkali is the really long one between knees and ankles


  2. Basically there is very little difference between these three as they are popular as anarkali suits, except that the one which is lowest in length is known as frock suit and the one with more flares as umbrella and the one iwth both flares and length is called Anarkali suit.

  3. There is a lot of difference in all of these.Frock Suit is suit in a frock style .In Umbrella Suit,suit is like in umbrella form and anarkali suit is a kind of kali which is having in suit.

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