What is the complementary sequence to the dna strand tcgatgg

Question 1

What is the complementary sequence to the DNA strand TCGATGG?

Question 2

What is the complementary sequence to the DNA strand TCGATGG A. TCGATGG B. GGTAGCT C. AGCTACC D. AGCUACC

Question 3

If a section of a DNA template stand contained the sequence TGAGAC, what would be the sequence of bases of the complementary mRNA strand?

Answer to question 1

The complementary sequence would be:


We know this because an A on one strand of DNA has to base pair with a T on the other strand. Similarly, a C on one strand must base pair with a G on the other strand.

This complementary base pairing is incredibly helpful, as knowing the sequence of one strand of DNA allows you to determine the sequence of the other strand

Answer to question 2

The nucleotides of DNA namely Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G) have specific base pairing sequence. Always they follow a pairing rule: A pairs with T and vice versa; C pairs with G and vice versa. A nd T as well as C and G are also known as complemetary base pairs of each other 

In the above question, if we follow the rule of base pairing, we get AGCTACC pairing with TCGATGG.

Hence, the answer is option C

Answer to question 3

According to the complementary base pairing rules, A in DNA pairs with U in mRNA. Similarly, T in DNA pairs with A in RNA. In addition, C and G always pair with each other. Therefore, for the sequence TGAGAC the complementary mRNA sequence will be ACUCUG.

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