what is the answer to 25√767?

how do i get the answer for that math question?

im in 7th grade this is my first lesson in math and i dont know how to do this i have to show all my work and im not allowed to use a calculator can i please have some help!!!!!!!

2 Answers

  1. √767 mean square root of 767 which is: 27.6947648482525

    you multiple that by 25 which equals: 692.369121206312

  2. Are you allowed to use a calculator? If so take the route of 767 which is 27.695 then multiply by 25 which is 692.4 which is your approximate answer. 767 is only divisible by 13 and 59 which are both primes so you can not make a route out of them so if you can’t use a calculator you are screwed.

    In response to your additional details. If you can not use a calculator can you use tables of routes? Because 767 does not have an evenly divisible route. It can’t even be simplified. So you must be able to use a table, either that or the question is ridiculous for a 7th grader.

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