What is ‘remove threat as power user’ in AVG antiviurs?

When my AVG 8.0 detects virus/trojen etc it says

threat detect etc etc

the options are heal, move to vault, ignore

there is also a tick box that says Remove threat as power user

what is this ??

power user?

2 Answers

  1. When AVG detects a virus in a file, it attempts to remove such file with the access rights of the user who executed the test, or tried to access the file. In case this is not possible due to limited permissions (e.g. you can open the file but can not modify it or delete it), AVG can attempt to remove the file under different user account with higher permissions.

    When you select the option “Remove threat as power user”, you are asked to enter Windows user name and password for a different user account. In typical situation, administrator user name and password can be used, however this depends on the user accounts you have available on your computer.

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