what is meant by MOT in the term “M.O.T. Gangway”?

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people use this term on ships, its a second option for the people on board if they cann’t use their fixed gangway(accomodation ladder) due to any reason then they use MOT gangway which is sort of portable and with the help of guide wires and crane one can put it anywhere around the ship. but frankly “ministry of transport” doesn’t make any sense. now can some one help.

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  1. Very much depends on where you saw it, and the context.

    In the UK, that would be “Ministry of Transport”

  2. Define Gangway

  3. try this:


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    MOT gangway and accomodation ladders. line. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com. Page 72. REV. NO. 00. 72. April, 2005 …


    the other guy maty be right, in M.O.T. being Ministry of Trade, that is, Ministry of Trade approved…….in America it would be USCG or U.S.C.G. for US Coast Guard or OSHA for Occupational Safety and Health Administration approved

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