What is it like to work for RCS Corporation,Saitama-ken,Japan?

I worked there. They tell you that you will be paid one month late, for the reason that in the past employees have suddenly left. Pay is pro-rated too. I quote this from an email they sent to us ALTs (from when we went to pick up our visas):

Please don’t say anything to immigration about working. They will also probably ask no questions, but if they do just tell them you have been doing tourist things until now and will start your job after your visa is issued.

I was working in a Japanese school on a tourist visa. So scared I would be caught coz the fines are heavy for working as an illegal which they (RCS) abetted:


RCS Corporation, Japan


RCS Corporation. ALT Positions Teaching English in Japan.

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  1. I am a Japanese.

    I do not well about ESL industries, however I have heard of the corporation.

    The reputation is quite bad.

    An English teacher from abroad says “avoid it at any cost.”

  2. Rcs Corporation

  3. Indeed they don’t pay transportation and I had to take a bus everyday to the school. Return trip was exorbitant. They sent me to different schools every month. I had to buy a bicycle which I could not sell when leaving Japan after having used up savings to get by.

  4. I worked for RCS in reality almost all ALT companies are this bad so its a good way to get to Japan but be looking for a new job that year so that you can get a good one the next year.

  5. I worked there for nearly 2 years. Can proudly say, it is a horrible company and they will throw you to the dogs if needed be. So many complaints I dont know where to start.

    They dont pay for transportation to and from work, dont pay for physicals–whereas most other companies do.

    They tell you to get the physical for the up-coming year before your contract starts, but I didnt get to sign my contract until after my contract-work already started, so I didnt bother to get my physical my second-year. They didnt seem to notice (due to their extreme DISORGANIZATION).

    Anyways, I took a vacation in the summer-time to Thailand, and told them I would not be reachable during that time. I even called them TWICE the day before I was to leave (on vacation) and asked both times if there was anything I needed to do (before I leave) and both times everything was fine.

    Then when I come back to Japan a month later, I come back to all these emails (I told them I could not be reached), and a formal letter stating I had been suspended until I took a physical, stating in my contract I was to get a physical before my contract started (even though I didnt sign my contract until after my contract started).


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