what is a serial COM port?

I’m building a computer with an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3 motherboard. I’m confused as to what the function of a “Serial port connector (10-1 pin COM1)” is and if it is even necessary.

Long question made short, what is it and do i need it


Thanks everyone (:

And I was quoting from the manual that came with the motherboard

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  1. Serial Port Connector 10-1 Pin Com1

  2. where are you quoting this from???

    I would not expect to.

    It used to connect devices such as a modem, mouse etc. not a printer as has been suggested,This would have been a Parallel port. These connection were superseded by usb etc.

  3. It’s an old port that was used for printers and similar devices years ago.

    Do you need it? No.

  4. A useless port for this day and age here’s a guide video to learn about it

  5. It is used for old printers and these days we use usb for all of that so you can even go into bios and disable it as it does nothing.

  6. I never use them now cuz now we have USB so common anyway this is what it looks like http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/image/serverpage/imag…


A COM port is a bidirectional serial interface that allows sending and receiving data bit by bit. The serial port appeared long before personal computers of the IBM architecture were introduced. On first machines, the COM port was used for connecting peripheral devices.However, its scope of application was somewhat different from that of the parallel port. If the parallel port was mainly used to connect printers, the COM port (by the way, COM is short for communication) usually worked with telecommunication devices such as modems. However, a serial mouse as well as other peripheral devices can also interact with a computer via a serial interface.

Today serial port communications are not that common as they once were. A COM port has been replaced by USB – a more modern method which does not require special knowledge for implementation. However, modern standards of compatibility between serial equipment and its controlling software have been formed for quite some time around the concept of COM ports which are now seen as archaic.

This is due to the fact that initially almost any equipment, including GPS receivers, was external, and its connection to the computer was established via a serial cable attached to one of the PC’s hardware ports. In order to set up serial communication, a user needed to specify a correct port number and the speed of data transmission.

Now most modern computers are equipped with USB ports instead of COM interfaces. What’s more, GPS receivers have increasingly been installed inside of devices, meaning the cable connection is no longer efficient.

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