What is a good monologue that is about a CRAZY, psycho girl?

I need a monologue that could get the judge’s attention and wow them. Any suggestions???

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  1. One of my favourite monologues is Lizzie Borden from blood relations.

    Here it is:Did you know papa killed my birds with the axe? He chopped off their heads…it’s all right. At first I felt bad, but I feel better now. I feel much better now…I am a woman of decision, Mrs. Borden. When I decided to do things, I do them. Yes, I do. (smiles) How many times has Papa said – when Lizzie puts her mind to a thing, she does it – and i do…It’s always me who puts the slug poison out because they eat all the flowers and you don’t like that, do you? They’re bad things, they must die. You see, not all life is precious, is it?

    (Mrs. Borden attempts to casually leave)

    Where’re you going?

    Just a minute…I would like you to look into my eyes. What’s the matter? Nothing’s wrong. It’s an experiment…Look right into them. Tell me…What do you see? Can you see anything?

    Yes. When a person dies, retained on her eye is the image of the last thing she saw. Isn’t that interesting?

    Do you know something? If I were to kill someone, I would come up behind them very slowly and quietly. They would never even hear me, they would never turn around.

    They would be too frightened to turn around even if they heard me. They would be so afraid they’d see what they feared.

    (Mrs. Borden makes a move which might be an effort to go past Lizzie back down the stairs. Lizzie stops her)

    Careful. Don’t Fall.

    (Mrs. Borden turns and slowly continues up the stairs with Lizzie behind her)

    And then, I would strike them down. With them not turning around, they would retain no image of me on their eye. It would be better that way.

    I cut out a few lines because they were responces, and it did not make a lot of sense alone. What I like about this monologue is that is not overly dramatic, as some monologues are which make you tend to over act. It is very subtle but allows for the actor to show a transition in character. It is also “based” on a true story, of a girl who killed her father and stepmother. Do some research, and draw from the story when practising… best of luck!

  2. Psycho Monologues

  3. This Site Might Help You.


    What is a good monologue that is about a CRAZY, psycho girl?

    I need a monologue that could get the judge’s attention and wow them. Any suggestions???

  4. This one is said by a guy about a girl, but you could change the gender, I guess:

    DAN: She left a note. Did you know that?


    She left a note that she was doing it for me.


    For me. Because she knew I didn’t want her anymore.


    What’s horrible is it was true. I didn’t want her. I was ready to walk away and she knew it. I was gonna wash my hands of the whole ******* thing—find some sane girl and start over—someone who didn’t play mind games all the ******* time—someone who didn’t question my every motive—someone who didn’t scare the hell out of me. You know, there were times I was actually afraid she might kill me. My own wife. I was afraid she might poison the milk or stick me with a steak knife in the middle of the night. Honest to god. I was afraid to go to sleep.


    Sometimes, I think the only reason she didn’t is she knew this would hurt more. This would stay with me.


    If you want to go—


    I know I’m kind of a head-case right now.


    I just don’t want to think about it. I keep seeing her in that pool of blood … the way I found her … with her wrists and … it was all over her nightgown … the one I’d bought her for Christmas … her eyes were all glassy … like you see in the movies … like a dead fish … like a dead ******* fish with its wrists slit, but it’s my wife, and it’s real, and I can’t get that picture out of my head. I want it to go away. I want it to go away like a bad dream, but—


    It hasn’t yet.

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The Top 25 Girl Monologues for Auditions with topics that include life’s path, career, family, friendship & love.

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Top 25 Girl Monologues

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Beautiful Day (drama) 1-2 Minutes
Sadly for Linda, she has never felt like a beautiful woman and in this monologue she talks openly about it to a stranger.

Shadows Of My Mind (drama) 1-2 Minutes
Naomi is too hard on herself and it’s actually gotten to the point of affecting her mental health.

One-Way Conversation
Bella goes head to head with her mother over how she feels neglected when it comes to her mother showing her any support for her dreams.

Darling Face
Beverly wants to break out of her shackles and live more freely but her newly wedded husband doesn’t seem to understand.

Don’t Leave Me Without Muffin (drama) 1 Minute
A sad story about a mother and daughter going their separate ways in life.

Fungus Among Us (comedy) 2 Minutes
Alexa has reached the end of her patience when it comes to her roommate being such a slob.

Phone Calls (comedy) 1-2 Minutes
When will men ever stop playing head games and trying to be cool, instead of being a genuine person?

Sly Statements (drama) 1 Minute
Melanie faces off with her boyfriend whom she feels is not treating her right. In fact, he has a tendency to talk down to her pretty consistently.

Protective Shield (drama) 1 Minute
Rita doesn’t know how to connect with people fully and she talks to her friend about her shyness.

Lick My Wounds (drama) 1 Minute
Crystal isn’t in the mood to play lover’s games and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum if he isn’t so sure he’s happy.

Treat Me Nice
Corinne feels like a slave to her mother…she doesn’t feel loved or cared for in return and she’s deeply saddened by it.

Walk Me To The Door (drama) 2 Minutes
Samantha’s mother is dying, the only problem is that she doesn’t know how to say goodbye because they were never close.

Just One Thing (comedy) 1 Minute
Jackie’s boyfriend fart constantly and she is fed up by it.

Underwhelm (comedy) 1 Minute
Wilma is miserable at her job, at her house and everywhere else she goes…she needs to find her spark for life.

The Monster
Byra is waiting for her cab so she can leave her apartment for good after her roommate Ramsey tried to force himself on her.

Waiting In The Wings
Wendy has murdered her sleazy boss at the night club she works at and now she needs to get rid of his body.

Ready, Aim, AIM (comedy) 1 Minute
Rose feels as though she needs to train her man on how to urinate properly within the toilet bowl.

Dog Anxiety (comedy) 1-2 Minutes
Zara is asked to babysit a cute little doggy but the only problem is that this cute little doggy is an absolute evil menace.

No Comparison
Cordelia is tired of getting blamed for being a beautiful woman.

The Ghosts of Our Ancestors
Tiara talks to her uncle about what they can do to keep the family estate within their control.

The Last Time
Wendy never sees her father and when she does he always seems to ask her for money.

Pay Attention
Linda makes the painful discovery that the man of her dreams is cheating on her with her best friend.

Deep Down
Beth finally admits to herself that it may be time for her and her boyfriend to call it quits.

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