What is a good excuse to stay out after school?

Sry, i am a very impatient child. :DDD

OKay, i dont want anyone posting something saying that you should just go home and blah blah blah! cuz truthfully, i dont care!. so please don’t say anything like that to me. thanks. =]

im grounded until Thursday 19th, then after school that day i can stay after to be with friends. I want to stay after tomaro tho so that me and my boyfriend can hang out for a couple hours. I need a good excuse to tell my parents so i can stay after for awhile. Until like 5:30 or 5:00 at least!. I have some ideas, but i don’t know if she will believe them.

They are: 1) Can i stay after school until 5:30 or 5:00 to do some of my missing work to get my grades up? (i am not doing good in some classes…)

2) Can i stay after to do this school activity thing that they are letting us do if we want too, its an excersize thing with friends and stuff?

I dont’ think she will believe the second one. so i don’t know….. have any ideas?


bcuz i’ve done this before and she has not found out. 😀 so there. Thank You!!. :]]]]]]

Comment nicely please?. =]

Thanks. =]

3 Answers

  1. Yeah, you could say you’re helping teachers clean their rooms/organize books in the library, etc. for service hours.

    Or you could say your teachers/peer tutor have a tuition block after school, so you can get help on a subject. Or finish up a project in the art room.

    Or, if your school has this sort of thing, an extracurricular, like ceramics, art, musical theatre or sport just for the week.

    Be creative. If you keep getting grounded, you’re going to need more than just Yahoo Answers.

  2. well.. um, you could tell your parents that you’re helping a teacher for community service or something. you could also say that you have enrichment or you’re going to take extra classes (peer tutoring with your friends) because you didn’t understand something you learned and you’re gonna have a test about it the next day.

  3. Tell your parents you have a meeting for your club

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