what is a 1991 diamondback topanga worth…. like new … 4 plus on a 1 to 5 scale ?

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  1. Yep, sorry. Although the Topanga was not a bad bike, the technology has progressed so far since then that your bike is almost obsolete.

    It is not by any means collectible although it may pique the interest of someone that wants a beater bike.

    Generally, you can take the original cost of the bike and subtract 5% for each year of age, then take an additional deduction for condition. If the Topanga sold for $500 new and is 17 years old, the MAXIMUM value it would have would be about $75.00.

  2. Not very much. Its hardly an antique, and wasn’t anything special back in the day, so no collector value. Current design MTB’s are far superior in every way, so its inherent value as a rideable bike is less than even a low end new machine.

    About the same as asking what a 1991 Chevy Cavalier is worth. As transportation it has some value, but that’s all.

  3. Like most have said it has little special value. Any bike in very good shape will bring 50 – 75 bucks.

  4. Its an entry level big D back in those days….though I suggest you check out BETTER bikes by IRON HORSE, SEVEN, SARACEN, KONA, GIANT or FELT. ( go for the new breed cuz the components have stronger material) Anyway, its all found on EBAY (www.ebay.com —-SPORTING GOODS, click Mountain bikes & frames —BINGO!). There are bargains for the budget novice to the wacko pro rider so select with real deals,kapeesh?)

  5. $50 at most garage sales.

Relevant information

Diamondback is a renowned brand in the market.Diamondback Topanga is a great deal for the money you spent. You may get this bike as low as USD 300 from a local retailer.

However, you even need to pay a sum of up to USD 600 based on your location!

Diamondback Topanga combines the blend of rugged utility with hardtail performance what makes it an all-purpose trail bike.

The frame of the bike is pretty good, and the bike comes with a Suntour fork of 100mm. The mechanical lockout lever of the fork would give you the flexibility to climb up the hills.

The Tektro disc brakes are also there allowing you to have an excellent trail package.

The Specs you may expect!

The specification may slightly vary from locations to locations and lots to lots. You need to check the details with your seller before buying. Anyway, allow us to present the standard specifications you may expect from a Diamondback Topanga!

  • Hooded Strong Box 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Suntour XCT V2 MLO 100 26 front shock
  • Weinmann XC-260 26″ Aluminum Wheels
  • Kendra Klaw XT 26 x 2.1” unidirectional tires
  • Alex AL-DM18 rims, 32-hole
  • Quando sealed wheel hubs
  • SRAM 7-Speed cassette
  • SuntourXCT V2 T302 PB crank 42/32/22T
  • Sealed bottom bracket
  • TektroNovela disc brakes and 160 BS discs
  • SRAM Impulse trigger shifters
  • SRAM X.3 rear derailleur
  • Microshift FD M20 front derailleur
  • Diamondback pedals
  • Diamondback saddle
  • Diamondback seat post, Aluminium micro-adjust, 27.2 mm diameter
  • Diamondback head tube
  • Diamondback handlebar, Aluminium, 1” rise
  • Diamondback grips
  • Stainless steel Spokes, 14 ga (2.0 mm) straight gauges
  • 9 speed Rear cogs, 11-32 teeth
  • KMC Z9000, ½ x 3/32” Chain

The Price

You may expect to have a new bike at around USD 500 to USD 600. However, for a stock lot or a sale offer, you may get this bike for a half price!

The second-hand bike may cost you as low as USD 30 to USD 50 depending on the condition of the bike.


  • A good quality bike for the money you spent.
  • The components of Diamondback Topanga are quite decent and acceptable quality.
  • This bike equipped with a sturdy and dependable frame and good-quality disc brakes.
  • The shocks manufactured by Suntouris pretty decent and flawless. Now, you may expect to have a minimal number of shocks on your bumps!
  • A versatile bike with a lockouts facility, which is helpful when you are riding on a smooth road. This feature will enable you to have better speed in such a drive.
  • The tire is great when it comes to off-road keeping you in a preponderant position.
  • Tecktro disc brakes good in quality and works like a charm!
  • You will be happy to know that the tires can endure any terrain and unlikely to start wearing off like other bikes on the market.
  • In spite of lots of dirt clinging, the chains would not get affected now and then.
  •  The rim would not crack or break down if you drop the rims down. You may even throw heavy or sharp things at them or hit them hard, but the solid-qualityrims will stay good.
  • This bike will perform well when you aim to climb up to the hills your nearby.


  • The top seat may get loose after an accident, collision or a hit. Eventually, it will make a loud grinding or squeak noise. The Allen Wrench torque may solve this issue.
  • You may encounter a problem with the adjustment of your suspension fork.
  • The quality of the fork may not be good for a severe or professional rider. If you find yourself in one of this category, you may need to replace with a better one!
  • Diamondback Topanga is not for pavement,and thus the tires make your bike slow and noisy on pavement.
  •  May encounter problem with the front derailleur, which might be due to a poor design. Swapping front derailleur will take your bike to the next level!
  • The seat post is comparatively smaller.
  • The lifetime of the pedals are short,andthey might come off after a regular bashing.

Final Verdict

If you aim to buy a mountain bike for trail biking, hard mountain biking or city limits biking at a reasonable price, Diamondback Topanga might be a good option.

It is a single bike that can serve all of your purposes as commuting, riding to work, working out, climbing a mountain up and the like.

So, you might get a Diamondback Topanga and enjoy your ride the fullest!

Happy riding!

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