What if criminal law did not evolve, how would it affect society

Question 1

The justice approach is more flexible than other ethical approaches because it recognizes that standards of fairness vary depending on the individuals involved in the decision. Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Ethics in Business: Ethics in business refers to the appropriate activities for implementing and executing the various operations of the business. Ethics means the right code of conduct needed to be followed by everyone connected with the organization to prevent any wrongful and fraudulent acts.

Question 2

What if criminal law did not evolve, how would it affect society? What are the consequences of having stagnant criminal law? Evolution of Law: The evolution of law refers to developments that take place as laws get written or removed, and the judiciary adjusts how it adjudicate cases. This results in different laws over the years.

Question 3

Answer to question 1

The above statement is True. The justice approach is more flexible than ethical approaches because the justice approach determines the various factors into the situations and the individuals involved to provide fair decisions. The justice of every situation will be different depending upon the various factors and intentions playing their roles. In contrast, the ethical approach is more rigid as it tries to give a single angle to all the situations.

Answer to question 2

If criminal law did not evolve, then society would have primitive laws that fail to address many topics appropriately, and people would leave or rebel against that society. For example, early criminal laws involved amputations, and numerous crimes that people no longer consider serious. If such criminal laws had not evolved, then modern people would ignore or overturn those laws. Also, there were no criminal laws concerning digital fraud, for example, until recently, so more laws would get written as technology develops, and the criminal law would have to evolve. The consequences of having stagnant criminal law are punishments that modern societies consider harmful, inefficiency, and distrust in the system.

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