What happens if you miss you finals exams?

I’m fresh meat in High school.

The end of the semester is the 17th, and we are taking our final’s exams this week.

I wasn’t at school today and I won’t be on Thursday or Friday (I have to do community service.)

I’m probably going to miss the exams. What will happen?

Will it bring down my grades or will they postpone my exams?

I’m worried because I’m failing about three or four of my classes /:

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  1. A percentage of your final exam grade and then your quarter grade will go together and become your final grade for that semester. I believe that’s how it works.

    Exams suck- I’m a senior who’s had their fair share and it hasn’t gotten any easier. Missing them will of course bring down your grade, that is if you don’t make them up. It’s better to get them out of the way and then go on break without that burden. Can’t you postpone comm. service?

    If you must miss them, then you should be able to re-take them, I would assume. It would not be fair to take that away from someone who missed school. Talk to the teachers. You seem to have a reasonable excuse. They should understand.

  2. In most cases, your final exam counts for a percentage of your end grade. Missing these exams will really hurt you. Perhaps you can talk to your teachers and try and schedule them on a different day. If you don’t talk to the teachers, they won’t postpone your exam, they will give you a zero. And if you’re already failing, these exams could be your redemption and you could pass with a D or C.

  3. Missing finals is not good at all. You should have talked to your teachers about taking the exam early. (You should still try that for exams you’ll miss on Thursday and Friday). You’ll have to hope they let you take the exams late if you’ve already missed one. Get in touch with your teachers to find out.

    I can’t imagine that any community service should require you to miss school. School is definitely the priority here.

  4. Most likely, yes, your grades will definately suffer. If you haven’t prearranged to have your exam times moved, then your teachers have no reason to not give a “zero” for each missed exam. I would hurry and email your teachers and ask them if you can either take them early or later, but good luck. Most teachers will tell you that since you knew the schedule ahead of time, you should have told them you need a new time. But, community service shouldn’t have scheduled you during school, ask your supervising officer (or whatever) to change the times so you can take your exams.

  5. Why does your school have finals TWO DAYS before school ends? Sounds like a lot of other people in your school will be having the same troubles. Why can’t you take your finals early I never heard of that?Did you tell your situations to your other teachers? I am sure if they see what kind of state you are in they will figure out something. Or like someone else said you can talk to a principal or a guidance counselor. A guidance counselor is probably best since they work out all the problems with things like this.

  6. It depends on the teacher, If you have a teacher that dislikes you, It will count as a 0, and if a teacher like you, then it probably won’t count.

  7. Huge grade drop

  8. Let your teachers know. They can schedule a make-up day.

  9. it will bring your grades way down.

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