What happens if I put green hair dye over faded red hair?

I’ve had red streaks in my (black) hair for a few months now and it’s faded quite badly to a brown/red. What would happen if I put green hair die over it? It’s a darker shade called alpine green and seems to be a blue/green color, but definitely more green. Thanks in advance.

5 Answers

  1. The green will definitely show up over the red, but because the base has some red in it, it will mess with the colouring and it might not turn out the exact shade of green that the dye is “supposed to be”. You might want to do a strand test to be sure you like the colour it turns out!

  2. Well if this were paint I would say a funky kind of carnation or a creepy pepto bismol.

    But with hair it is the darker color that dominates. Blue/green would definitely wipe out the washed out red. Since there is an amount of bleach in the hair color, that should remove all doubt about the red fighting to stick around.

  3. all colorings will fade over the years however the main suitable thank you to velocity this up is to function salt into your shampoo Iam affraid which you may desire to colour over this color yet once you have been dark brown this may well be extremely promptly forward and all you may ought to do is word a semi-permenant colour over the precise remembering to persist with the manufacturers practise to the letter

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