What happened to Banadyne-3 Cold Sore & Fever Blister Treatment?

I’ve been using Banadyne-3 ever since I had my first cold sore. Its the treatment for me that works the best! A couple of years ago I bought a box of it in bulk and recently ran out. I went to search any website that may have it and they all are OUT! I’m not sure if this product is discontinued or what! Winter is coming and I desperately need some!

3 Answers

  1. I;m sorry, I think I took the last one.

  2. Banadyne-3

  3. put preparation H on it. If inside the mouth, put the ointment on a small cotton ball, push it against the cold sore, and leave it there through the night. The pain is gone in minutes and the sore will be gone in 2 to 3 days. The ointment has a slight fish smell and taste but get used to it, it works great. preparation H also works excellent for cuts and abrasions, cuts healing time in half.

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