what episode of family guy does peter nearly drown in a bowl of soup while wearing water wings and a helmet?

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  1. that was in the episode when peter finds out he’s mentally retarded…it was called “Petarded”…season 4, episode 6…

  2. That is from “Petarded” is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, which originally broadcast on June 19, 2005


    Griffin. Party of two.

    Mr. Griffin, we’ve been expecting you.

    Peter, relax. It’s for liability reasons.

    Now, let’s just try to enjoy our meal.

    I kind of get the helmet. But what’s with the water wings?

    Well, you did order the soup.

    Like something could happen…

    Get me out!

    These water wings didn’t help at all.

  3. Peter Griffin Water Wings

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