What does ‘wo shi xue xiang’ mean?

My classmate said that i have to figure it out. What does it mean in english? :O

7 Answers

  1. it means “i’m a student”

    wo = I

    shi = to be

    xue sheng = student

  2. Wo Shi

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    I assume you mean translate into English (this is gonna be a little tough since you don’t have the accent marks but this is the gist of what I’m getting): I mean I want to be your <lover>, can I/is that alright? I like you~ I don’t care what other types of people think, In my heart you will always be the best The one I can learn English from (not sure about this one…) I’m sorry, I’m thinking too much, but in my heart you will always be the best Believe that I can. For you I can succeed Please believe me~

  4. i know that “wo” means i and “shi” means to be and “xue xiang” means student so put that together. IT MEANS I AM A STUDENT

  5. It is…我是学生…(wo shi xue sheng) _i’m a stdent..

    U can say this in rturn…我们是学生。。(wo men shi xue sheng)_we’re students…n_n

  6. it’s “wo shi xue sheng” (我是学生), which means “I’m a student”.

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