what does the proverb “cast no dirt into the well that gives you water” means?

im gonna give an extemporaneous speech on my english class and i have no idea what to say. please help me! thanks tho

3 Answers

  1. If you throw dirt in the well that provides you with clean water you will make it dirty and not be able to drink it. Apply this lesson to your life. Eg If you have a part-time job that you love it is not a great idea to start dating someone you work with. If (when) the relationship ends, it may be really difficult to work together and if you argue at work you may lose your job, or if you are the one who was dumped you may find it really hard and uncomfortable to work with your ex. You had a clean well (a great job) and you messed it up.

  2. Same thing as, “Biting the hand that feeds”.

  3. do not sully (spoil) your means of survival.

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