What does the “I” in iCarly stand for?

10 Answers

  1. It stands for “internet”. Freddie said that the i was for internet and Carly was…because of Carly’s name in iPilot. It’s just like iPod or iPhone.

  2. Internet….iCarly!

  3. the I stands for internet

  4. it stands for internet.. member on the first episode Freddie is like ” I-internet Carly-You”..

  5. I = Internet

  6. Nothing. I think they put it here just to make it sound all Internet-technological-ish.

  7. It’s just to make it look more technological. You know?

    Like iPod, iPhone, iTunes?

  8. nothing…it’s just somethin people do now days…like iJerk iPod iTunes iDance

  9. nada.

  10. it stands for “i…i…im retarded” because that what they are

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