what does reporting to (job title) mean in an application?

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  1. If it is on a job application, it may be asking you for the title of the person that you were supervised by in each of your past jobs.

  2. Supervisor Title Mean

  3. I think it just means who you’ll be working under …. kind of like your supervisor.

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If your degree has been conferred, it means that you have been admitted into your award as a legal graduate of the University of Adelaide. In order to be conferred you must have completed all academic and practical requirements and have no outstanding debts to the University. From the moment your degree has been conferred, you are an official legal graduate of the University and can use any titles associated with that award.

You can find details of the University’s conferral dates 




Being marked as ‘Completed’ in your degree means that you have completed the academic requirements for your award. Completion will be useful if you are applying for further study, or need evidence while you are awaiting your conferral that you have met the academic requirements of your degree. This is an automated process, and will result in the ‘Completed’ row being added to your transcript in place of ‘In Progress’. Shortly after this, you will receive a graduation status letter detailing whether you are eligible or ineligible to graduate.
Once your degree is conferred, the completion row on your transcript will be superseded by a conferral row.

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