What does ramberling mean?

is that spelled corretly or not

as in stop ramberling

5 Answers

  1. As well as talking too much about something, rambling (no ‘e’) has another meaning.

    To ramble is to go on a long walk through the countryside, usually with a group of friends. So, when you’re doing it, you are rambling.

  2. When you use it about talking it means you are going from one subject to another and going away from the point you were supposed to be talking about – like the rambling that is going for a gentle walk around the countryside and stopping to look at things, explore little side paths etc.

  3. If you mean ‘rambling’ it’s going on and on either without making much sense or to the point where other people just zone out as it’s so boring. Hope that helps.

  4. It means stop talking about dumb things

  5. don’t you mean rambling as in talking to much

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