What does “Matia mou” mean?

Can someone please translate this for me?

Matia mou. Then thelw na me theleis. Axizeis kalitera apo emena

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  1. Literally “my eyes”, it’s a sweet way to say “honey” or “baby”.

    That phrase means “Baby,I don’t want you to want me. You deserve better than me”.

    It’s Greeklish btw, aka Greek written with latin characters.

  2. Matia Mou

  3. I cannot but agree with all of the previous Posters and their translations

    and interpretations.

    “Matia mou” is a beautiful, loving expression, used in romantic and

    passionate moments and in love songs. I would add that it also

    conveys the connotation of “precious”, sight being just that.

    Today, unfortunately, it has been shortened and relegated to a familiarization, used in everyday greetings, as a form of address or way of getting attention. You may hear: “Matia, can you move your car?” or “Matia, I have fresh figs today” or “Matia, what’s your ‘phone


    Such a pity …


  4. MATIA MOU means literaly..MY EYES..

    but put in a mode of love to some one to convey ur heart felt love for them u would say MATIA MOU..in other words..i see only what ur eyes see or i have no other eyes for others. or be my eyes…

    what he has writen he is saying

    my eyes, idont want you to want me ..you are worth more than i can ever be..

  5. Jason has given the best and most accurate translation.

    Give that man a cigar/10 points!

  6. https://shorturl.im/8Wt4T

    the love is something u feeling it in your hurt and u can’t tell ather what u feeling in it because it is bigger than any words e.g ican’t tell u what i feeling forword u and your sister if i say love you until die it will never eangh

  7. My eyes: (a form of endearment) I don`t want you to want me. You are better than me (worth more than me)

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