What does “looking for a girl in the daytime with a flashlight” mean?

I have heard three songs now that make reference to looking for a girl in the daytime with a flashlight:

1) “Caught Up” by Usher

2) “Promiscuous” by Nelly F and Timbaland

3) “Poppin My Colla” by 3 Six Mafia

What in the world does that mean?

Can ya help a brotha out?!

12 Answers

  1. I’ve never heard the songs, but I would interpret the line to imply a futile search for love and hopeless overcompensation during the search. Either that, or it implies a hopeless search.

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  3. This saying has been around longer than any of the mentioned artists have been alive. Have you ever had someone who loved you, treated you good and you took advantage of their love and kindness? Only for them, after much abuse, finally leaves…then you want them back, but they have moved on. It usually refers to a girl moving on, but it can happen to a boy. My mother would then say, “he will be looking for her during the daytime with a flashlight”. She would be that unavailable to him when he finally wants to be with her. There is another saying, “what goes around comes around”.

  4. It means there sex was just wonderful and you kinda sprung over it so you looking for them in the day time with a flash light you got me?

  5. well, if you look for something in the day time, it is most likely gonna be light out, but if you’re using a flahlight, it does no good, there is already light. its a metaphor, they’re trying too hard…

  6. It means that you are blind to what is really in front of you the whole time

  7. She is lost in a cave and your in there with her using your flash light to see where your going to find her.

  8. Hmm, id guess it menas one is stupid but who knows

  9. there is also one in “U got Me” by man i forgot their names, its kinda old….oh yea, B5

  10. it means u so sprung

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