What does it actually mean ? “life is like 69 you’ll get what you give”?

I saw this many times on twitter tweeted by others ,I want to know what does it mean ?

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  1. This is tough to answer without breaking the ToS, but I’ll try.

    Without going into details (to keep this pg-13), ’69’ is sexual slang for a particular situation where a couple are pleasing each other at the same time. So presumably, the more pleasure you give, the more you get, and vice versa.

    So the idiom is saying that what you put into life and interactions with people is what you’ll get out of it. Or the more you put into life, the more you’ll get out.

  2. What Is 69 Mean

  3. 69 means giving oral sex at the same time receiving it from your partner. The quote trying to say you get what you give to others.

  4. I dont know exactly…but i think “if u see at 69 it like circle ,,,that mean what you input it came to u output

Relevant information

Vive la France! The slang 69 goes back, if you can believe it, to the French Revolution. The term is found in a 1790 French work, The Whore’s Catechisms, attributed the revolutionary figure Théroigne de Méricour, who described a soixante-neuf, or “sixty-nine” in French.

English picked up sixty-nine by the 1880s, with its numerical shorthand, 69, familiar by the 1970s.

As long as there have been humans, though, there probably has been the practice of a 69. It’s described in the ancient Indian Kama Sutra, for instance, as the Congress of a Crow position. The position involves different- or same-sex partners going down on each other—genitals or anus—at the same time, usually achieved by lying on their sides or one on top. That is unless the people involved take to the Standing 69 or Eiffel 69, known variants of the move.

If you’re looking any more detail from us, well, there are other websites for that.

69 is commonly referenced—and snickered about—in popular culture. R&B singer Rick James released “She Blew My Mind (69 Times)” in 1982, for instance, and Bryan Adams 1984 “Summer of ’69,” which puns on the peace-n-lovin’ year 1969. Rapper Daniel Hernandez is better known by his suggestive stage name, 6ix9ine.


In in the 2000s, 69 = inspired something of a meme where internet users comment “nice” on just about any online content that happens to feature the number 69 (e.g., the poll shows that 69% of Americans approve of the new law).

Memebase – Cheezburger

Not that this is new. Pretty much all of us who are familiar with 69 make jokes whenever we encounter 69 in the wild, from phone numbers to jersey numbers to birthdays to license plates.

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