What does “Cicago” mean in Italian?

I heard it means something, what is it?

I didn’t mean the city of Chicago but what Cicago (or ci cago as I understand) means in italian.

I got it now thanks 🙂

5 Answers

  1. In Italian “ci cago” means “i [email protected] on it”

  2. It’s Chicago bad spelled.

    In Italian Chicago is kept in its original English form and also spelled in English, but by chance I once saw this bad spelling actually used: in the Italian title of a Star Trek episode (“A Piece of the Action”, in Italy became “Cicago Anni 20”).

    Anyway, be aware the city of Chicago is known because of an even too obvious joke that can be made in Italian language, since “ci cago” means “I defecate (actually, the more vulgar term 🙂 here/there/in it/on it”.

  3. Yes, it is the Italian spelling vatiation for Chicago. The letter h is excluded because otherwise it would be pronounced ‘kikago’ in Italian.

    There is no k in the Italian alphabet, so they include or exclude the letter h after a c to indicate whether it is pronounced as k or as tchi (simplified speaking, that is).

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  5. well when u pronounce it it sounds like chicago so maybe its the city but idk

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