What does “billi marna” mean in Hindi/Urdu?

I was discussing with a male friend that the guy I was dating and really liked was starting to take me for granted and starting to distance himself after telling me he wanted to marry me and I did not know what to do, so he said I should act disinterested and “uss ki billi mar do” but he was not able to explain to me what he exactly meant by that.

No, you are giving me the translation…it is an idiom in our language

6 Answers

  1. Literally, ” Billi Marna” means “killing a cat” and “Uski billi maar do” means “kill his/ her cat”. As a preposition, I do not think the term has any significance other than its literal meaning.

  2. Literal meaning:

    USS KI ( two words) = His / her

    BILLI = Cat

    MAR/MARNA = to kill

    MAR DO=Kill it

    It stands as= Kill the cat immediately i.e Kill the problem immediately / Don’t delay to do it rather perform immediately/ Destroy all hesitation , find a solution.

    Story goes that a newly married person kills a cat (as it is available and causing disturbance ,at that time) to prove his heroism as well as destroy the problematic subject.

  3. Salam dude, ok..u see us ki billi marna really means kill his cat. but it is figurative or like an idiom. we use these kind of phrases, can make a hundred like these, to say things like show the guy and kill him, burn his pants! hahaha. now that’s all i can give you. it’s like that. like if u say kill him dude or give him a hard time.

  4. is ka mtlab phudii marna means billi = cat= pussy means having sexo larkay mazay krrrr

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  6. Bill maarna means “****” Chudai Karna

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