what does a cross above a bedroom door mean?

llike the cross of jesus? Cause theres one above mine and I have no idea who put it there or what it means.

20 Answers

  1. It’s to honor Jesus and to remind us of His Passion on the cross. That He died for our sins. That we’re to ponder it everytime we see it to remind us of His Divine Mercy.

    Also, people put crosses in their house sometimes to protect them from evil. People like to have their houses blessed by a priest.

    It’s all good though, all good!

  2. The cross above the door means the same thing that it means hanging around an individuals neck, worn as an ear ring, or worn as some other body ornament.

    The cross of Christ is not suppose to be some cutesy tootsy ornament. It would be like wearing gold jewelry fashioned into a gas chamber, electric chair, or bed of lethal injection. The cross was used as a means of capital punishment. Jesus died for the sins of the world on that rugged cross. The cross represents the suffering of Christ.

  3. It means that someone put a cross above your door, that’s all.

    Catholics/Christians display crosses/crucifixes in their homes to show their faith. Over a door might just be to ask for protection from those who might enter with bad intentions.

  4. The crucified Jesus or Jesus on the cross symbolises total liberation and guides one towards it. Don’t worry it never does any harm to any one!

  5. The point of it is to remember Jesus and to “protect” you. My grandmother and in-laws have them all around the doors of their homes. Despite the fact they hung a bleeding, suffering man as decor….who ever hung it there had good intentions.

  6. It is put there for a purpose. Jesus to watch over them through the night.

  7. it means ur room is protected from any evil and none can get to you. Evil things are afraid of the cross because they fear Jesus’s power and whatnot

  8. It means a person who believes in imaginary beings put a cross above the door.

  9. It means that Jesus loves his children.

  10. To me it would mean somebody wanted protection while sleeping. Maybe they had a fear that something bad might happen while they were asleep.

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