what does a bottom lip left side piercing mean and what about the right side.?

it doesn’t really matter what side I get my lower lip pierced ..it matters to everyone in the town I live in…you know the smaller conservative type..my concern is because several years ago a girl got her nose pierced and was labled and gossiped about as a gay..and I forgot which side meant what

9 Answers

  1. If you have a town like that they are going to light up about your lip piercing no matter what side you get it done on. Generally people who really believe that one side means one thing will believe whatever you tell them anyway. So if you start hearing things, just explain they’re all mistaken, that its the reverse for lip rings.

    In the outside, adult world piercing sides no longer apply. The whole issue has completely passed on. Lip piercings never had a particular side in the first place and even earrings are now chosen on personal preference. People who still fantasize that one ear means something should consider getting a new hobby.

    Take a look at your mouth and choose which side you would prefer having your jewlery on. Make your descion based on that. Your fellow townies are going to talk no matter what, so have it on the side you really like best.

  2. The whole gay ear thing died in the 90’s but some people remember and go on about it. The side of your lip you get pierced means absolutely nothing. They’re probably just carrying the ear thing over to the lip.

    As far as the nose piercing goes it has nothing to do with gay or straight. The only time it matters is that women from certain cultures in India get a particular side pierced. Also the side pierced differs between north and south India.

  3. Side Lip Piercing

  4. Bottom Lip Piercing

  5. I know with ear piercings it goes: ‘left is right and right is wrong’

    I’m not sure if that applies to lip piercings or not though

  6. Nothing really its just a ring on your lip. Luke Hemmings has one but you don t hear rumors going around saying he s gay but if people do say he s gay, then how comes he went out with a girl?

  7. a piercing does not dictate your sexual orientation. no it does not mean you are a lesbian. People who say that are immature and you shouldn’t believe a word they say. the only thing that would make you a lesbian is if you decided that your a lesbian. come on now.

  8. i have mine left.

    sometimes ppl say rtight is gay left is straight…but no one really cares with lip rings. Thats more with guys and earrings.

  9. weird. I didn’t know it mattered.

Relevant information

Do you know that lip piercing is ranked as the third most popular piercing type in the world? Probably, you wonder why it is so famous. It is time to discover more about lip piercing names and types!

This article is a complete guide on any question regarding this type of facial piercing. Learn more about popularity, pain level and much more.

What is a Lip Piercing?

Lip piercing is a body modification type, puncturing lips, the surrounding area or the lip frenulum. The formed opening is decorated with a designated jewelry. There are many different types of lip piercings, so you could choose your perfect one.

Lip Piercing Names

Here you are proposed to check the diagram with the list of different lip piercing types.

Below we created a chart that describes every lip piercing type and provided general information on pain level, healing time and price.

Name What is it Pain Healing Cost
Snake Bites Double puncture of the lower lip. It is located at an equal distance from the center and it resembles a snake bite. 5/10 6-8 weeks $50-$80
Angel Bites Double symmetrical puncture, located on both sides just above the upper lip. 6/10 7-9 weeks $50-$80
Cyber Bites Double piercing, located in the groove of the upper lip and below the bottom lip. 5/10 6-12 weeks $50-$80
Spider Bites Double puncture under the bottom lip. The openings are located close to each other and to the mouth corner. 4/10 4-12 weeks $40-$80
Vampire Bites Double piercing of the bottom lip. Looks similar to the snake bites 5/10 6-8 weeks $50-$80
Canine Bites Multiple punctures, performed at four corners of the mouth. It is located on the upper and bottom lips. 6/10 8-12 weeks $30-$60
Dolphin Bites Two openings, made close to each other, below the lower lip. 5/10 7-9 weeks $50-$80
Shark Bites Two openings, made close to each other, below the lower lip. 7/10 8-12 weeks $80-$90
Monroe One facial puncture, located above the upper lip on the left-hand side. 3/10 8-12 weeks $30-$50
Madonna One facial puncture, located above the upper lip on the right-hand side. 3/10 8-12 weeks $30-$50
Medusa / Philtrum Single piercing, located above the upper lip, under the philtrum. 4/10 3-6 weeks $40-$85
Labret Single puncture, located under the bottom lip. 5/10 6-8 weeks $40-$65
Vertical labret Lower lip puncture, located in the middle of the lip and below it. 6/10 8-12 weeks $40-$70
Lowbret Modification of the labret piercing, located at the very bottom of the chin. 5/10 6-8 weeks $40-$70
Dahlia Double piercing, located at the mouth corners. 7/10 12-20 weeks $20-$80
Ashley Horizontal labret piercing, located in the center of the bottom lip. 6/10 10-14 weeks $40-$70
Smiley Single puncture, located in the frenulum of the upper lip. 5/10 4-8 weeks $40-$80
Jestrum Single puncture, centered in the upper lip. 5/10 3-6 weeks $40-$85

Read more about the most and least painful piercings.

Upper Lip Piercings

There are many upper lip piercing names, and we are going to discover them below.

Medusa / Philtrum

The piercing is done just below the nose septum, which is called “philtrum”. Medusa is located in the groove under the upper lip and, therefore, the beautiful lip shape is well highlighted.

Medusa piercing is the most popular lip piercing type and it can be successfully combined with other facial piercing types.

All you need to know about medusa piercing in our guide.


This piercing type gets one of the cutest lip piercing names thanks to its functionality. Smiley becomes visible when you smile and show the beautiful teeth line. It’s the second most popular lip piercing.

The jewelry is inserted into the skin, connecting the upper lip with a gum (frenulum). The common earring for smiley piercing is the circular captive bead ring.

Find out more about smiley frenulum piercing.

Angel Bites

Two-sided piercing above the upper lip represents the angel’s teeth track. Angel bites piercing is literally a combo of Madonna and Monroe.

Though it is double piercing, it is usually recommended not to perform them simultaneously. The reason is that facial piercings cause more risks and it is always safer to make multiple holes separately.

Read more about angel bites piercing.


Single upper lip puncture resembles the famous Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark. It looks charming and gorgeous, and would better fit for girls. Usually, the jewelry is worn on the left side.

Read more about Monroe piercing.


However, you can make piercing like Monroe on the right. In this case, the piercing would be called “Madonna”.

Read more about Madonna lip piercing.


Jestrum is a variation of medusa piercing. However, in this case, a curved barbell goes through the upper lip. Both ends of the jewelry are visible: one under the nasal septum and another in the middle of the upper lip.

See more about jestrum piercing.

Bottom Lip Piercings

Among bottom lip piercings, there are some really extraordinary.


Labret is one of the most popular lip piercings. It is located under the bottom lip, and not inside it, as you may believe. The effect of “going through the lip” happens because of the jewelry shape. Labret can be done in different variations and combinations with other piercing types, such as the snake or spider bites.

Read more about labret piercings.

Vertical labret

A modification of labret piercing with two openings, instead of one. Vertical labret goes through the bottom lip, and the jewelry is visible from both spots: on the lip and under it. The curved barbell is typically used for this piercing type in order to fit better inside the lip.

Snake Bites

This piercing type resembles a snake fang or bite. Two opening are located on the same distance from the middle of the bottom lip. The same name is used for the cheek, tongue and brows piercings. The best jewelry choice for the snake bites is rings or studs.

We created a detailed guide on snake bites piercing.

Shark Bites Piercing

It’s a quadruple puncture of bottom lip. 2 in the left and 2 in the right corner. The best jewelry – tiny studs.

Read more about shark bites piercing.


Ashley or horizontal labret is placed in the middle of the bottom lip. It goes inside the lip and shows the barbell ball outside. You may try the single, or close to each other, double Ashley piercings.

Read pros and cons of ashley piercing in our guide.


Lowbret is a single or double perforation of the skin, located down the chin. It is not a very famous piercing type, but it would definitely fit for body modification fans. Lowbret can make a good combination with other facial piercings, such as Monroe or Medusa.

Dolphin bites

This type of piercing represents two punctures, located under the bottom lip. It is supposed to look like dolphin bite tracks, you just need to use your imagination! The jewelry is centered, like with snake bites piercing. The distance between openings may vary depending on your own preferences.

Read more about dolphin bites piercing.


Two lower lip surface punctures that usually connected by straight or curved barbells.

The complete guide on horizontal lip piercing.

Spider Bites

Double puncture is usually made on the bottom lip, on the one side of the mouth corner. However, you may try it on two sides. In this case, you would have four symmetrical openings.

Unlike cyber bites, this piercing type is better to perform at once, as the openings are close to each other and the healing process would be easier. Spider bites piercing is a good fit for guys, but with cute jewelry, it looks pretty for girls as well.

Bottom & Upper Lips Piercings

Here you can see some interesting bottom-upper piercing combinations

Vampire Bites

Two holes are made in the mouth corners on the bottom lip. The procedure is the same as with snake bites piercing. However, this piercing type looks more like vampire fangs, as the original vampire bites piercing is performed on the side of a neck. For vampire bites, lip piercing, the black rings jewelry would fit best.

Cyber Bites

This piercing type represents a combination of labret piercings and Medusa. It is unusual and complicated, as it is located on the upper and bottom lips at once. Two symmetrical central holes are made for cyber bites piercing. This piercing is quite popular, as you can try different jewelry combinations, such as hoops and studs, or a captive beaded ring and barbell.

Canine Bites

Four pieces of jewelry are worn on both sides of the lower and upper lips. Basically, canine bites is a mixture of snake and angel bites. With this piercing, attention should be paid to the exact location of the jewelry. It is important to keep them symmetrical. It is better not to combine canine bites with any other facial piercings to avoid your face looking over pierced.


It is not one of the classical lip piercings. Dahlia or double corner is placed near or outside or at both mouth corners. Therefore, the cheeks need to be perforated. It looks a little bit creepy and reminds of the Joker character from the Batman movie.

Read more about dahlia piercing.

Most Common Part of the Lip to Get Pierced

The most common upper and under lips piercings are:

  • Monroe,
  • Medusa,
  • Labret,
  • Smiley.

They are cute, least painful and relatively easy to perform.

What is the Rarest

The most painful and crazy piercing ideas are dahlia and canine bites.

They are quite odd, and, therefore, rare. However, experienced piercing-lovers never hesitate to try new kinds of body modification.

Things to Know Before Procedure

It is important to remember that most lip piercings are external and internal at once. Having oral jewelry is always risky for the mouth, gums, and teeth. It is quite easy to get multiple infections without the right care.

Also, in case you smoke, the lip piercing is not a good idea. Smoking would infect the wound and you would need to take care of unpleasant side effects. As you can see, there are always some pros and cons of any piercing procedure, so it is up to you to choose.



The lip piercing differs from other piercing types by its location and the necessity to take additional care of the mouth area. The first thing to do is to reduce salivation. Medical tampons should be placed on the salivary glands.

Then the piercing place and the instruments should be sanitized. The piercer should mark out the puncture location with the surgical pen, in case the piercing is performed outside.

After this, the lip is fixed by the special retainer and sharply perforated by a 14-gauge needle. Then, the jewelry is inserted. When the procedure is done, the wound should be disinfected and you must get the lip piercing care instructions from your piercing master.

To get more information on the lip piercing procedure, watch the videos:



Healing and Aftercare

How long does a lip piercing take to heal?

If you take care of the piercing properly, the healing time would be 1 to 3 months. If something has gone wrong during the healing process, you need to recognize the problem fast and consult with a doctor or piercer. The piercing procedure itself is supposed to be quite painless, however afterward, the opening may become swollen or red.

To avoid this, you must follow some aftercare rules, given below:

  1. Try to avoid hard and solid food for a few days after the procedure
  2. In case the wound is swollen or painful, suck small ice cubes and take Ibuprofen
  3. For the first couple of hours, do not drink or eat
  4. Do not touch or play with the piercing, unless you clean it
  5. Do not remove the initial jewelry until the piercing is completely healed

Read more about how to clean a piercing.


Always remember to clean your piercing in time to stay away from dangerous implications.

  • Keep oral hygiene: rinse the mouth with salt water every time after eating or drinking
  • Gently wash the jewelry once a day with antibacterial soap
  • Twice a day clean your piercing with a salt solution (8 ounces of boiling water + a quarter of a teaspoon of salt)
  • Use a numbing cream for lip piercings to reduce pain

All aftercare tips are based on information at the Association of Professional Piercers website.

Recommended care solution

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Read more about best piercing care products to choose.

Best Jewelry Types

The initial lip piercing jewelry should not be very complicated, try to choose a labret stud or ring for the first time. However, for each piercing type, there is plenty of designated jewelry.

For example, for piercing above lip you may choose labret, hoop or captive ring. For piercing on the lip, it is common to wear pretty curved barbells.

As for metal, we recommend 14k gold as the best option.

How Much Does a Lip Piercing Cost

For different lip piercings, you may find different prices. For lip piercing on average:

  • In the US, you would pay from $30 to $80.
  • In the UK, the price would be £20 – £60.
  • In Europe, cost €25 – €70.

Find out more about how much do piercings cost.





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