What does 24VA mean?

I’m looking to replace a transformer from a disco light, it appears a link is broken on the transformer that powers the circuit board (not the lamp). The markings on the Transformer state: ISOLATING TRANSFORMER CONTINUOUSLY RATED: 24VA 240/12V D3625. I am aware that I need a 240v in /12 volt out transformer but the 24VA has confused me. Please help!

Thanks for all your replies – much appreciated. It makes sense now! Just one last thing.. Am I correct in the transformer requiring 240v IN to give 12v OUT at 24VA or (2 amps)? 🙂

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  1. The VA means volt/amps. If it was a DC circuit it would say 24Watts, but the reactance in an AC circuit makes VA the correct term as the maximum current flow does not necessarily occur at the same instant as the voltage peak.

    If it the transformer secondary has to provide 12 volts, that does mean that the current load will be 2 amps give or take a gnat.

  2. The transformer is can be powered by 240 or 12 volts. the 24va is the out put. 24 volts. it is transforming 240 to 24

  3. V = volts A = Amps VA = watts

    added yes to both, a 24VA (watt) tansformer 240V (first number also primary Voltage) / 12V (second number seconary Voltage and because 24VA is the same as 12Volts times 2 amps

    hope that helps

  4. VA is really the same as watts. It’s volts times amps. At 240v it’s using 0.1amps and at 12v it’s 2 amps to get 24VA.

  5. Without getting into technoid-speak, VA is similar to power in watts. Watts is a product of volts x amps, so you can also translate it as an output of 12 volts, 2 amps. (Input would be 240 volts, 0.1 amp).

  6. Volt-Amps (VA) is the AC equivalent to Watts (volts times amps) in a DC circuit.

    The difference in value is because voltage and current are out of phase with each other in an AC circuit.

  7. 24VA is the power rating and could also be expressed as 24 watts. (W=VA) At 12 V this equals a maximum current of 2 amps.

  8. Transformer capacity is rated in Volt-Amps (VA) which is generally the same as wattage (Watts)

  9. VA stands for “Volt Amps”

  10. voltampers… wats

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