What do you mean when you say, Six and a half feet tall?

just curious…people often say that so-and-so is six and a half feet tall. Do they mean that you’re six foot five inches (since ‘half’ is often taken as five) or six foot six inches( since a foot measures twelve inches)? I know it’s dumb but i’ve heard it used in both ways, and im wondering what the correct meaning is.

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  1. 6 feet 6 inches

  2. Half is only taken as five if the total is ten.

    We do sometimes write six feet six inches as 6.5 feet, but 0.5 or half of a foot is still six inches.

    If someone is six feet and half an inch tall, we say they’re six feet. No one cares about a half inch.

    We more often say “six foot six” or “six foot four” or “five foot ten” and leave off the word inches entirely.

  3. Hi

    no it’s like 6 and a half (0.5)

    so 6 feet and 1/2 an inch

    the thing after feet always refers to the inch itself

    like even six and a quarter would be 6 feet and 0.25 inches

    whoever uses it to mean 6feet and 5 inches is not using it correctly

    the MAJORITY of the time it refers to 6 feet and HALF an INCH


  4. the correct meaning is that the other person is 6ft 6 inches tall, the half refers to half a foot = 6 inches, if it was meant as the half you understand as 5 then it would be said in metric terms so it would have read approx 1.967 mtrs tall

  5. Half Of A Foot

  6. 6 feet tall is the correct way to say it. But people say 6 foot 5 as a way of shorthand ing it.

  7. We mean a half of a foot which is 6 inches. Whatever you are referring to: feet, ounces, miles, liters, meters, etc.; half is half of that measurement.

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