what do i wear to an old apostolic lutheran wedding?

im going to a wedding in a couple days. the wedding is at an old apostolic lutheran church. i know i have to wear a scarf on my head during the marriage. but can you please tell me want an acceptable outfit is? and should i carry a purse? i am 15 years old.

oh, and no jewelry, no nail polish, no make-up. and i have to wear my hair up, and wear a skirt.

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  1. LLLreader answers: As an ex-member I have a standard outfit I wear to the OALC weddings and funerals. I don’t wear a scarf. I wear a dress, or blouse and skirt, that is a little bit conservative. I don’t wear much makeup (I don’t usually anyway), I usually don’t wear much jewelry. Purses are fine. I just wear my hair as I usually do. Since you are not a member, nothing special is expected of you. I would just dress nicely–it will be OK. I don’t think I would go with a tube top and cutoffs though!!! Let us know how the wedding goes

  2. Apostolic Wedding Dresses

  3. I have never heard of a Lutheran Church no matter how conservative that had any kind of dress code like the one you are talking about.

  4. Ok then wear your hair up, in a bun or something. Wear a nice knee length skirt with a cute blouse, thats plain and simple, solid color.

  5. I think short dresses, coz you show off more lower limbs, but really it doesn’t matter both should go great

  6. I think long skirts are excellent, you’re protected up minus the restrictions of shorts.

  7. seems like you know more than anyone else on here y can you dress like you were going to any wedding?

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