What are those little dark hard things in cotto salami?

Referring to the little, round, bead-like objects scattered through the meat. When they fall out or if you pop them out, they leave holes or pockmarks in the meat.

I’ve been told they’re spices, but that doesn’t really tell me WHAT they are – which kind of spices, if they’re spices, or whatever. I’ve googled cotto salami recipes and that’s been no help either.

Cotto salami is delicious but those dark things are kind of gross.

Edit: Ahhh, okay; so that’s what they are – peppercorns. Thanks guys! Question answered!

5 Answers

  1. Peppercorns. The same thing that is ground up and put in the pepper shaker!

    Some salamis (the better ones) use juniper as well.

  2. Cotto Salami

  3. Those are black peppercorns…essentially, unground black pepper. The size is usually 8 Mesh black pepper, also called, CRACKED PEPPER.

  4. pepper corns

  5. peppercorns.

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