What are the dangers of sleeping in wet clothes?

I’m 13 and last night my friend and I had a water fight and I got soaked. Then, about two hours later, I went to sleep without changing my clothes. They were kinda damp but not too bad. I now have a cold. I know sleeping in the wet clothes caused it, but is there anything else sleeping in wet clothes can do?

@Kira I just wanted to know if I was in risk of anything.

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  1. Sometimes it makes your muscles sore but that’s mostly when it’s very wet.

  2. Two dangers are hypothermia and skin infections. But don’t let that stop you… just take care. If you’re both wet and warm enough, you’re the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So always wear clean wet clothes, shower well first using anti-bacterial shower-gel and wash clothes and bedding every day. On the other hand, wet clothes are a great conductor, so it’s easy to wake up deathly cold. Even if heating your room costs a small fortune, it could be necessary – especially if your duvet is soaked too. I sleep wearing wet t-shirt, hoodie and jogging pants every day, and learned these lessons the hard way.

  3. It just means you were colder so more at risk of developing illnesses. You could have got hypothermia or something. It isn’t good to make your body cold like that. How could you sleep it wet clothes anyway, I’d need to change.

  4. if your toddler has that top of a fever, you’re able to desire to bypass to the docs ASAP. infants, and young infants, can get so unwell so promptly, fantastically with a fever. you don’t get a chilly by being chilly, you get colds from a plague. toddler desires to get to a rfile NOW in the event that they’re that feverish.

  5. Actually nothing but a virus causes a cold, that’s an old wives tale. Sleeping in wet clothes isn’t really a health risk, I suppose it could cause a skin rash and maybe some chills?

    What the hell sort of question is this anyways.

  6. As a female it’s not good.

    You could get a yeast infection or worse.

    You always want to wear try underwear.

  7. umm.. well i usualyl sleep in wet clothes when i go round friends – i mena you could go mouldy but thats probably the worse thing.. or pneumonia

    hope this helps 🙂

  8. colds

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