What approximate percentage of land is used for housing worldwide

Question 1

what approximate percentage of land is used for housing worldwide?

Question 2

According to the discussion on land use, approximately what percentage of the land in the United States is used as rangeland?

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Planet X Has Seven Continents With A Total Land Area Of 48,500,000 M2

Answer to question 1

Approximately 2.7% of the world’s land is covered by cities, including housing.

This may not seem like a lot, but what’s important is the overall rise in this percentage. Most of the earth’s surface — about 70% — is covered with water. This leaves only 30% of earth’s surface to be composed of land. Because of the ever-increasing population of humans, housing continues to develop as well. People have to find a place to live. Whether people build houses, live in apartments, or have more than one house, almost 3% of the land available in the world is being used for houses and buildings.

Urbanization, or the process of an area being built up as a city, is expanding worldwide. This is impacting the environment as more areas are cleared of trees and natural habitats to make room for what humans need and use. This causes its own implications. The amount of land being used for housing and buildings is on the rise as it now covers about 1.35 million square miles.

Answer to question 2

According to the government services of NCRS- Natural Resource conservation Service, 30% of land in US is used as the rangeland. 

It amounts to a total of 770 million acres or approximately 30% of total land area of US.

Answer to question 3

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