Was Betty Boop a prostitute?

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  1. Betty Boop is noteworthy for being the first cartoon character to fully represent a sexual woman. Other female characters of the same period showed their panties regularly, like Minnie Mouse, but didn’t have a full caricature of a woman’s form. Betty Boop, however, reveled in her sexuality. She wore short dresses and a garter belt. Her breasts were prominent, and she showed her cleavage. In her cartoons, other characters try to sneak peeks at her while she’s changing. In Betty Boop’s Bamboo Isle, she does the hula wearing only a lei and a grass skirt, a bit she repeated in her cameo appearance in the first Popeye cartoon

  2. Betty Boop Sexuality

  3. No because Betty Boop is not a real person. She was a hot fictional cartoon character.

  4. Yes, she was a prostitute. But back then, you couldn’t really show that in cartoons, but they implied it. Listen to a lot of the songs Helen Kane (the voice of BB) sings, many are about sex. The lyrics also imply marrying for money, etc. Of course she was a hooker.

  5. No, she was a flapper. In case you don’t know what that is, those were “wild women” of the 20’s and 30’s who rolled their stocking down to their knees, bobbed their hair, smoked cigarettes, drank hooch and hung out at speak-easys. Sounds pathetic but they were pretty wild and would put madonna to shame. Betty was a kind of icon for the phenomena

  6. No, honey. But she did pave the road for those of us women who like to be just a little less than goody goody.

  7. On Drawn Together she is. I think she was just more of a cabaret girl (entertainer).

  8. Hmmm. I’m likin’ this Violet Andromeda more w/ every Q. I find her. I think she’s right on.

  9. not a prostitute eh?

    then what do you call this ?


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