Wall Tie Failure – How much would that cost to rectify?

We are in the process of buying a 3 bed, mid terrace (ex council) property. It was built around 1940. There are no cracks or signs of wall tie failure in the property, but as a couple of houses down the street are showing signs, we’ve been recommended by a surveyor to investigate this. Has anybody had similar experience in the UK? If so, how much (roughly) would it cost to get a firm out to investigate and how much (roughly) would it cost to get it fixed if there were problems (worst case scenario)?

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  1. Wall tie replacement is a very easy process and is carried out from the external brick skin and doesn’t (rarely) damage the inside face.

    If there are other properties suffering the same condition and have had the work carried out, suggest you ask at those particular properties as to how much it cost. If the houses are of a similar age then it is more than likely that the wall ties will require attention in your property at some stage.

    You can ask the council for approved contractors who will be able to help further. If you haven’t brought the house yet, the repairs could become a condition of the mortgage?

  2. Wall Tie Replacement Cost

  3. Wall Tie Failure

  4. Fixing of remedial ties would suffice. This procedure is carried out by firstly erecting a suitable scaffold, drilling 12mm diameter holes through the outer skin into the cavity side of the internal skin (Brickwork or Blockwork) installing 180mm stainless remedial ties (65mm cavity/depending on cavity size) Directions according to manufacturers instructions and finishing with a colour mortar in relation to existing. I would go through a well established contractor and ensure that guarantees are in place. Costs shown above seem to be on the cheap side but hey it`s your decision. Good luck.

  5. £1000 pound max depending on where you are in the country should only take day or two always use an insurance approved builder or go on to the national house builders web site to find one don’t get just one quote get at least 3 and as for the first answer to this question houses have been built since the roman times with cavity walls what the hell does he know !!!!!!

  6. Not sure what you are asking here. The ties are very cheap (UK price about 30p each I would think) but if you want a builder to put them in for you we are talking thousands. You will need to get a quote for that depending on the type and size of the property.

  7. I am surprised that the age of the property that it has cavity walls ,If the wall ties have failed you may be looking at a total rebuild of the outer skin of brickwork or block work could be very expensive.

  8. hi just had mine done,3 bed semi with extension (manchester area ),it came up on survey to get them checked out,i got two firms from yell.com in my area,both firms didnt charge for the survey (ask that when you phone them up) they both said i needed them on all sides of the house as the ones in had failed (1937 house) first price £650.00 second £450.00 i went with the second as he only lived up the road,it took him half a day,no mess great job……

    just make sure you get more than one eatimate.

    good luck

Relevant information

Wall ties provide important structural support for walls, so it’s important to replace them if you notice any wall ties are failing. In this guide, we look at the cost of replacing wall ties for a 3-bed semi in the UK.

Whether it was a faulty installation of wall ties when the building was constructed, or damage to the wall ties over time, failing to replace them can lead to structural damage or wall collapse.

Item Range – Low Range – High Average cost
Cost to replace wall ties – cost per wall tie £5 £8 £7.50
Cost to replace wall ties – cost per m2 £30 £50 £40

What’s the cost of replacing wall ties in a 3 bed semi?

The average cost of replacing wall ties is around £5 to £8 per wall tie. If you’re wondering what the cost of replacing wall ties is per square metre, you’re looking at a potential cost of £30 to £50 per m2.

The total cavity wall tie replacement cost will depend on the area that is affected by the damage, which you’ll be able to find out by having a full wall tie survey done.

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Cost of wall tie survey

If you suspect that you have wall ties failing in your walls, the sensible next step is to get a full wall tie survey done by a professional surveyor. As well as checking for any obvious visual signs of damage, surveyors often use specialist equipment to carry out a full inspection to see the condition of the wall ties within the cavity wall.

But how much does it cost to replace wall ties? On average, the cost of a wall tie survey is in the region of £250 to £450 – depending on the size of your property.

What are wall ties?

Wall ties, also known as brick ties, are used in construction for buildings that have cavity walls. Wall ties join together the two leaves of a wall and are effectively invisible after construction is finished. The ends of the wall ties are embedded into the mortar bed at regularly spaced intervals and play an important part in ensuring the stability of the walls and building as a whole.

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How do I know if my wall ties need replacing?

Some of the common signs of failing wall ties include:

  • Horizontal cracks in the brick mortar
  • Blown bricks
  • Damage to the masonry of a window
  • Sagging or lifting lintels
  • The outer leaf of the wall coming away from the inner leaf

How long do wall ties last?

That depends on when the property was built. Thanks to advances in construction materials over the years, the quality and durability of more modern wall ties are better than older buildings. In houses built before the 1980s, you can expect the wall ties to last around 15 to 20 years.

For properties built since the 1980s, wall ties are generally made of stainless steel and can last over 50 years. And the most modern neoprene wall ties can last even longer than that.

Why do wall ties fail?

There are typically two main causes for wall ties to fail – either an issue with the original construction and installation or corrosion. The first is often due to the wall ties being incorrectly spaced or fixed, or the wrong size wall tie being used. The latter is due to corrosion damage over time – more common in older buildings that have wall ties with little coating.

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