The Joint Probability Mass Function Of (X, Y) Is Given By P

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When Granitia Inc. was faced with serious quality problems and was forced to recall thousands of vehicles, the company quickly formed a temporary group of employees to brainstorm the problem. The team thus formed is an example of a(n) __________ team.

a. virtual

b. self-managed

c. problem-solving

d. cross-functional

Team building is a management tool utilized to strengthen bonds among group members through the implementation of various activities that will increase the efficiency level of employees.

Question 4

Eric tries to eat more healthfully by eliminating cookies, donuts, and similar snacks from his diet. Every day at work, however, co-workers bring in these treats and Eric succumbs to temptation. Which of the following concepts would behavioral economists use to explain Eric’s self-control problem? A. Time inconsistency. B. Availability heuristic. C. Self-serving bias. D. System 2 processes dominating decision making. Consumer Behavior: Consumer behavior is an economic concept that studies activities associated with the use, purchase, and disposal of goods and services by individuals, organizations, or groups. Consumer behavior reflects how consumers make purchase decisions and show the emotions that affect buying behavior.
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Answer and Explanation: The right option is option c. Option a: For strengthening remote teams, virtual team-building practices are undertaken by the organization. Option b: A self-managed team undertakes full responsibility for furnishing products and services by peer collaboration and doesn’t ask for manager guidance. Option c: Under problem-solving, the group initiates the identification and evaluation of the problem first, and then the best possible solution is ascertained. Option d: Under a cross-functional team, members from different functional areas/departments are put together to form a team for achieving organizational common goals. The stated case describes forming a group to take quick action on the Granitia Inc. problem, which falls under the category of a problem-solving team. So, the correct one is option c.
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer is option A. The concept of time inconsistency makes us know why individuals procrastinate on decisions they make but end up not attaining them. Individual decision-makers who are time-inconsistent are described as having different selves, which make inconsistent decisions with one another. Options B, C, and D are incorrect. Availability heuristics refers to how a process is speeded up to find solutions. People use information that is easily accessible to inform their decisions. A self-serving bias is a habit where an individual blames negative external factors after taking credit for positive events. In decision-making, system 2 attention is allocated to the effortful mental activities where demand is placed where complex computation is also included.

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