the art of using and understanding space involves [Solved]

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How does visual art contribute to our understanding of life? Many of the painting topics involve the horrors of war. Can a painting offer a political commentary about human cruelty?

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How does visual art contribute to our understanding of life? Many of the painting topics involve the horrors of war. Can a painting offer a political commentary about human cruelty?

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Answer to question 1


Workmanship and Art is a human movement comprising in this, that one man intentionally by method for certain outside signs hands on to others feeliings he has survived and that other individuals are contaminated by these sentiments furthermore encounter them.Also if men did not have this other limit of being contaminated by Art individuals may be more savage still and most importantly more isolated from and more antagonistic to, each other.The presumption that workmanship making pictures was once beautiful and is currently open of social and political thoughts is not exact.  Art has not experienced a lineal procedure from easy to complex. Human’s have constantly made pictures for some reasons ornamental and informative passionate and so on. Individuals must impart to each other.Art has not moved from beautiful to open This in not later. People have utilized constantly utilized their capacities to make pictures for social engagement and political thought processes from the earliest starting point of their presence. A few people simply call that action art.Making pictures were never utilized exclusively for ornamental purposes. Making pictures were likewise used to convey thoughts. The issue is that the general population that comprehend  Art are the ones that are typically better off that the ones that need some adjustment in the public eye and the framework. So I don’t consider workmanship to be a specialist of progress It consider  Art to be a friend of progress, as a path for individuals to express their minute as it happens Art toward the end is an individual expression. It is about what happens around the craftsman that influences him actually that winds up expressed.If it is a work of art not very many will see it in the event that it is a play it won’t be permit to play and on the off chance that it is a book not very many can bear the cost of it or comprehend it, and that is whether it is not banned.If workmanship was a positive operator of progress graffiti would have improved a general public out of every one of us, since it was everywhere except it just added up to a medium of expression and some of the time dissent Now once more, just the informed comprehend the Graffiti that has move into the exhibitions.

Art some assortment of picture making is something that we find in the configuration of ordinary articles, houses dress, the designs of towns and urban communities, the course of action of ranchers fields, gardens numerous such things.Movies, recordings, publicizing, applications anything that is made by individuals could be considered in this classification. This has affected every one of us. Some symbolism conveys extremely critical implications. One case would be the sign of certain social statuses by the necessity to wear certain structures dress and not others.

Answer to question 2

Art plays a major role to live and make our life beautiful. Visual arts are art forms such as photography, videography, painting sculpture etc. Many organisations have started events on regular or during occassion days where they inform all the members to showcase their art by having activities which involves face painting, bay decoration, drama and dance competitions. It is clear that most of the creative art activities has become natural part of daily life which is contributing in understanding life. 

Painting describes more than words. In painting all emotions and pains are shown. Nowadays, people are cutting trees, kill animals and spoil environment in all ways. Painting is the only way which is offering a political commentary about human cruelty.

Answer to question 3


According to Bartel, the moral behavior of an artist is relevant to evaluating their art even if it doesn’t show up explicitly in it because

Answer. a. Understanding the attitudes prescribed by a work of art depends in part on understanding the work’s point of view, and it is common practice in art criticism to consider features related to the artist’s biography in this process

Answer to question 4


According to Edward Bullough, distancing in the aesthetic experience does not rule out imaginative engagement because

Answer.      a. it is possible to understand our emotional responsesnot as characteristics of us, but rather as characteristics of the phenomenon


According to Berleant’s Aesthetics of Engagement,

Answer.       b. appropriate aesthetic experience involves the immersion of the appreciator in the object of appreciation so long as the appreciator’s responses are understood as characteristics of the object

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