Teeth sore after getting braces off?

So after two years (exactly two years actually haha) I got my braces off yesterday!! But my teeth HURT. I had an appointment Tuesday and they did a lot (changed my wires, fixed a bunch of stuff so they’d be ready for Friday) so of course my teeth were sore and it usually takes about two weeks for my teeth to not hurt a lot/be sore anymore. Well, now that they are off they still feel pretty sore! (I wanted to eat an apple, but I can’t bite into it because they’re still so sore) Also, my clear retainers hurt! Like, I despise wearing them because my teeth ache so bad and the bottom ones push down my two front bottom teeth gums and make them bleed and sore! AND the retainers make me so nausous/gag me. Is this normal? Everyone says your teeth feel great afterwards, but I’m kind of miserable. I still can’t eat a lot of stuff and ugh the retainers are just bad. Could they still be sore from getting them changed prior to getting them off? Thank you!! 🙂

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  1. Same thing happened to me, my teeth were sore for about a week after I got my braces off. The retainers hurt really bad for a bit, but then as your teeth mold into their shape, trust me, it gets better after a while. Just keep wearing your retainers when you’re supposed because the longer you leave them out, the more it hurts the first time you have to put them in again. Honestly, it will get better. Good luck!

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  3. Heyy, don’t you worry, because sometimes, that happens. Your teeth are still sore because of the gum. your mouth/ gum is probably not used to it because the teeth are probably still adapting the new guard in your mouth. retainers hurt because your gums or mouth isn’t used to it, take some time, it would probably take 1-2 weeks in getting used to it. and since you said they were tightened before you got the off, the gums are probably still adjusting the teeth… don’t eat anything hard after you get them off! eat something soft, because, as i said, you teeth are still in the “braces” mode, if you know what i mean.. haha, just be patient, oh and remember TO WEAR YOUR RETAINERS AFTER EATING, ( BUT BRUSH YOUR TEETH/RINSE THEM FIRST! LOL) THEN PUT IT BACK ON, CUZ YOUR TEETH CAN BE EASILY SHIFTED AFTER YOUR BRACES ARE OFF.. idon’t know if i’ve helped :S

  4. You are fine! Your teeth are just adjusting themselves (which is why you need to wear your retainers, they are trying to move back). The pain will go away soon, just take some pain meds or something =)

    And keep those retainers on or else all of the money and time and pain will just go to waste, and believe me your teeth will move if you don’t wear them. Soon enough you will be able to wear them only at night. I didn’t wear mine as told and my bottom teeth are still shifting (I lost my bottom retainer) and it has been about 2 years since I have had mine off.

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  6. My teeth hurt for a week after so no its completly normal

Relevant information

It is a big day for the orthodontist when a patient finally gets their braces removed. Many people report experiencing some level of discomfort when the orthodontist adjusts their braces throughout treatment. Once you get that beautiful smile, you might be wondering if that same discomfort is to be expected when you finally get your braces off.

Keep reading to find out what to expect after getting your braces removed.

Life after braces

Getting your braces off is an exciting event and a milestone that will not soon be forgotten. However, keep in mind that your orthodontic journey does not end the day your braces are removed. Caring for your teeth after braces can be an uncomfortable adjustment. However, knowing what to expect can help you feel more comfortable in your new teeth.


The process of having your braces removed is not a particularly comfortable one. It is common for some people to feel some pressure on their teeth. This sensation is comparable to when you first had your braces put on.

When braces are removed, a small part of the enamel that has been covered by the brackets is now exposed once again. It will take a short adjustment period of about a week for that sensitivity to subside completely.

A little sensitivity is also common as your teeth adjust to their final positions. Teeth are always wanting to resist their new location after braces are removed. Some patients describe this mild pain as similar to the discomfort experienced when tightening braces.

Rest assured, the pain will go away within a week, and sensitivity rarely persists beyond that time frame. If your teeth feel sore, then you can always take an over-the-counter pain reliever.


Your orthodontist understands that every patient has a different set of needs. However, one item that every patient has in common is the need for a retainer. Your teeth changed dramatically because of braces. These changes will need to be maintained by a retainer to keep your smile straight.

The dentist will take a mold of your teeth to create custom retainers. You will need to wear these every night for as many hours as possible. Without your retainer, your teeth can shift back to their original position.

Retainers do not cause any pain. However, if you forego wearing your retainer for a long period, then your teeth will feel sore and sensitive when you wear it.

When to speak to an orthodontist

Some sensitivity after braces is a natural part of the process. You will likely be so preoccupied with your beautiful new smile that you will hardly notice any discomfort. Maybe you will be one of those patients who report experiencing no pain at all.

If you have any moderate pain that does not go away within a few weeks, then contact an orthodontist. This could mean you may need a few more adjustments or that your retainers are not fitting well. If you need an orthodontist near Rhinelander, then call our office to learn more about our services.

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