Suggestions on how to get thumb tacks out of a wall?

I have a couple of posters hung up on my wall and I need to take them down. I tried using my nails to get the thumb tacks out, but they’re too short. Does anybody know a good way to get thumb tacks out of the wall? I don’t care if the poster is ripped or if there will be a hole in the wall ( I plan on patching up any holes ).

4 Answers

  1. You could use a metal nail file, a thin slottled/flathead screwdriver or even a kitchen/butter knife that you don’t mind scratching or bending up a bit! If you’ve got needle-nose pliers around, then once you get a bit of an edge up, you should be able to just yank them right out without doing much more damage to your wall.

  2. Putty knives work nicely. Slip it down behind the poster and twist, it will not rip the poster either.

  3. Use a very thin paring knife to pry behind the tacks and lift them off.

  4. Wow! thank you! I was wondering the same thing today

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