stickman attacks computer?

on youtube i found some videos where a stickman attacks your computer using a program. i need to know what it is called

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  1. animator vs animation

  2. Stickman On Computer

  3. the program in which the animation is drawn is called Macromedia Flash Professional 8 (commonly known as ”flash 8” ).

    If you mean the program to make a stick man attack YOUR computer… That doesn’t exist.

    However, there is a Animator Vs Animation Game. You can play it here:…

    You can also download a free trial of flash cs3 here:

    Also, you can visit the creators website for more info:

    hope this helped!

  4. It takes 7 seconds for the Y.A. page to load for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] box. does this mean my laptop is slow??

  5. Great relevant replies, thankyou

  6. i think its called icon story

  7. bob

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