Speeding ticket in MD (TA-21-801.1 74MPH in a 55) request wavier hearing or trial?

So i was was going 78 MPH on a 55 MPH on RT32. Cop pulls me over asks why I’m speeding and i tell him I’m running extremely late for work. He reduces my speed saying I went 74 MPH as oppose to 78 and to just request a wavier hearing to try to get the points off. (Reduced my speed so that I would be less than 20 MPH over the speed limit hence a smaller fine and 1 point less) Should I take my chances and request a trial hoping he does not show (although if he does show he may tell the judge I was going 78 not 74).Any experiences with requesting a waiver hearing? Chances my fine gets reduced from the $90 and I get my points removed?


-22 years old

-Clean driving record for 3 years

-MD resident

-2 points for this violation

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  1. $90.00 dollars is very cheap be glad you don’t live in some of the other states, he did you a big favor by taking 4 mph over this could have caused your license to be suspended. Do what he said if you don’t the fine coul be higher and you will definetely get the points.

  2. I’m just wondering what you decided to do because I just got my first speed ticket by a MD state trooper.

    I’m 25 and this was my first violation going 67mph on a 50mph road (2 points). The trooper was all business, he just handed me a “state trooper” pamphlet. He handed me the ticket stating that I could pay the fine within 14/15 days or go with option 2 for a hearing to reduce the fine/points or option 3 to request a trial… He didn’t even ask why I was speeding..

    I was told by a friend that state troopers ALWAYS show up for trials and I’m just curious as to how the sentence hearings work. How much do they reduce your fine, do they waiver it, do they waiver the points?

Relevant information

Maryland speeding tickets under TA 21-801 and TA 21-801.1 have a highly variable point structure. A speeding ticket under TA 21-801.1 can be either 5, 2, or 1 points. Maryland speeding violations under 21-801 that carry either 1 or 3 points. There are also a few other types of speed related violations in Maryland discussed below.

Speeding violations can increase your insurance rates, reset or suspend your provisional license, delay your driver’s test if you have a learner’s permit, and add up to cause license suspensions and revocations. If you have or want a job that involves a lot of driving, Maryland speeding tickets can also jeopardize your job even when they do not cause a suspension due to employer policies. Waiting too long after receiving a speeding ticket can also cause a suspension.

Contact me at (301) 556‑8709 immediately, so that I can protect your driving record and keep your insurance rates low.

Speeding by Exceeding Maximum Speed Limit – TA 21-801.1

Exceeding the maximum speed limit carries a variable number of points depending on how fast you were going. If the limit is less than 65 mph, it carries 1 point for less than 10 mph over the posted speed limit, 2 points for 10-29 mph over the posted speed limit, and 5 points for 30 mph or more over the limit. If the limit is 65 or more, it carries 1 point for less than 10 mph over the posted limit, 2 points for 10-19 over the posted limit, and 5 points for 20 or more mph over the posted limit. Any one point ticket that contributes to an accident will be raised to three points, but if speeding contributed to an accident you can expect to be charged with failure to control speed to avoid an accident under TA 21-801(b) instead. The maximum allowed fine for this and all other speeding violations listed below is $500, except for speeding in a school zone or highway work zone, where the fines are doubled.

Failure to Control Speed to Avoid an Accident – TA 21-801(b)

Failure to control speed to avoid an accident under TA 21-801 is probably the most frequent charge when a Maryland traffic ticket results from an accident. Because it contributes to an accident, it carries three points. The officer wrongly decides who caused the accident a large portion of the time, and may have ticketed the wrong person. I can usually win cases brought on these charges even if you are responsible for the accident.

Driving at a Speed Greater than Reasonable and Prudent – TA 21-801(a)

This is the ticket that officers sometimes give when they think you are going too fast for the conditions, even if you are under the limit, or if they were not able to properly measure your speed. I can almost always win these tickets at trial.

Other Speeding Violations Under TA 21-801

There are also other less common speeding violations not listed here, including violations specifically for going too fast at an intersection, a railroad grade crossing, a crest of a grade, around pedestrians, or on narrow or winding roadways.

Speeding in a Highway Work Zone – TA 21-802.1

Speeding in a highway work zone carries the same points as a normal speeding violation, but has a doubled maximum fine of $1000.

Speeding in a School Zone – TA 21-803.1

Speeding in a School Zone in Maryland carries a doubled maximum fine of $1000, but carries the same points as a normal speeding violation. In order to qualify for the doubled maximum fine, the sign must be posted with activated flashing warning lights.

Driving at a Slow Speed – TA 21-804

In Maryland, willfully driving a motor vehicle at a slow speed impeding normal and reasonable traffic movement is unlawful. This can be very difficult for the state to prove. Driving at a speed that impedes the flow of traffic under TA 21-804 carries one point, or three if it contributes to an accident.

I regularly win cases involving the above speed violations in Maryland courts, and I can help you avoid the points, increased insurance costs, and even the loss of your license that can come from these speeding tickets and other traffic tickets. Call me at (301) 556‑8709 today, because your driver’s license and insurance costs are important.

Points on a Virginia or Washington D.C. Driver’s License From a Maryland Speeding Ticket

Drivers with a Virginia driver’s license or a Washington D.C. driver’s license will receive points from a Maryland speeding ticket. Drivers with a Maryland driver’s license will not receive points from a speeding ticket that they receive in another state. However, even though the points will not transfer, Maryland provisional driver’s license holders can still be suspended due to an out of state speeding ticket.

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