some one please help me with some homework..please!!?

1.why are jet streams important?

2.which has a lower pressure:the air in your lungs as you inhale or the air outside your bodyz?

3.while visiting the oregon coast,you decide to hike toward the ocean ,but you are not sure of the direction.the time is might the breeze help you find your way??

6 Answers

  1. 1. They help to steer the weather that occurs on our planet.

    2. The air in your lungs would be lower pressure at this time…which is why air enters your lungs (towards lower pressure).

    3. Walk into the wind. At 4:00 p.m. the land will be warmer than the ocean as it’s been heated all day long (soil is more efficient at absorbing heat than water is). Since the land is warmer, the air directly above it will absorb heat through convection. This warm air will rise, and cooler air will rush in from the ocean to fill this spot. Therefore the breeze will be coming from the ocean, and if you walk towards it you will find the sea.

  2. Jet streams are important for two reasons: they guide weather patterns, and can significantly assist or retard the flight of aircraft. When you inhale, the exterior air is obviously at a higher pressure than the air in the lunds — that’s why air flows into them. As for the Oregon coast question, you don’t need the wind — just see where the sun is. Of course, if it cloudy (not uncommon there), go upwind — there will usually be a breeze off the ocean in the afternoon.

  3. 1)Jet streams are upper air level air masses that travel around the Northern latitudes60 degrees N. and southern lat.(60 degrees S. If the jet stream does travel at the same speed, it pushes together and the stream moves north , in the northern hemisphere. That allows the warm air to move more north. If part moves faster, it separates and allows the colder from the north to move farther south. The jet stream is important because it can make cold Canadian air come down farther south and make us really cold (in winter) or cooler(in summer) or move farther north and make us warmer .

    2. Not sure, I believe they are the same. Air pressure has to be equal or it would collapse the weaker side

    3. This has to do with land and sea breezes. In the morn. the ocean temp. is warmer than land (land cools faster than water),so the air above the ocean would rise creating a low, the air from land would move towards the ocean. In the afternoon, the land would be hotter than the water. The air would above land would rise, causing the air from the ocean to move towards land. At 4:00PM the breeze would be moving east.

  4. For the first question, you can get some more information here

    In order for air to flow into you lungs, the air pressure outside the lungs must be higher than inside.

    On the Pacific Coast (especially in the summer) afternoon winds come in from over the ocean. So you go toward the direction the breeze is coming from.

  5. regarding jet streams go to

    When you inhale there is lower pressure in your lungs.

    Well since the only ocean is to the west of you when you are on the coast of oregon, I would assume the time and breeze has nothing to do with it except for the fact that the ocean is only to the west!

    Hope this all helps.

  6. for #2, i think its the air outside……

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