[Solved] My Honeywell space heater suddenly started making grinding noise?

Alright so my space heater has been working for awhile and occasionally every now and then would make small grinding noises that would easily go away by tapping the heater or turning it off. Until one day I came back from school turned it on its grinding loud out of no where and idk what to do. I didn’t wanna leave it on and experiment with it due to the noise. Any suggestions here please?

4 Answers

  1. The fan motor needs to be replaced.
  2. Honeywell Space Heater
  3. if its like my space heater there is a fan behind a pannel which has heater coils in front which you can see. The fan blows air from behind the heater through a vent and across the heater coils to project the heat into the room and also keep the heater coils from overheating and melting. If you feel comfortable doing this I suggest unplugging it and remove the rear panel or whatever you have to to get to the fan. likely it has a bracket which has become warped over time from the heat and allowed the fan blade to rub against the housing. Once you get to the fan you can turn it by hand and should be able to see where it is hitting. Likely you can bend the brackets back into place by hand or with pliers. Also something else may have come lose inside and it hitting it. Either way it should be obvious once you take it apart and you should either be able to fix it easily and resemble or see that its more of a problem than you thought and trow it away.
  4. There can be many problems like the bad relay, bad transformer, fan motor damage, heat coil damage.

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What Makes The Honeywell Tower Fan Make A Rattling Noise?

What Makes The Honeywell Tower Fan Make A Rattling Noise?

Honeywell fans can be an excellent addition to your home, providing additional comfort during the warmer seasons and improving the airflow of your heating system over the winter seasons. However, as mentioned earlier, it can begin to make irritating noises that are downright disruptive when something is wrong with the fan. Such make you have sleepless nights and, in severe cases, can damage your ceiling, posing a danger to your family.

Different issues with the fan will result in different types of noises. Therefore it is critical to determine precisely the cause of your fan noises to fix the problem correctly. The various reasons for rattling noises in your Honeywell tower fan include;

1. Loose screws

If your fan rattles, it could be due to loose screws. You can tighten the screws connecting the Honeywell fan blades to the motor if they are loose. Loose screws in ceiling fan blades might be highly dangerous for your family. If a fan blade becomes detached, it can cause significant damage to your property or cause injuries to individuals in the house. While performing this procedure, ensure you also check for any loose screws within the motor casing.

The screws should be tightened but should not be made too tight. Additionally, wire connectors within the switch housing might create a rattling sound. With the power source switched off, one can check to ensure that the wire connectors are tight and not rattling against one another or the interior of the switch casing.

2. Mount

Rattling noises might result when the fans are placed directly into the ceiling joists. When the Honeywell Tower fan is mounted on a joist, the joist magnifies the standard fan noise, resulting in a louder noise. Appropriate hangers should be used to minimize this noise. A fan hanger that the manufacturer has approved should be installed in between joists. This will assist in isolating the fan and preventing noise amplification. The motor noises will not easily get to the joist, which would cause the magnified noises.

3. Dust accumulation

When fans suck in air, they often draw in the dust as well. The dust eventually makes the blades fall out of balance, causing rattling. A loose front grill might potentially be the source of rattling.

Tips On How To Fix Honeywell Tower Fan Making Rattling Noise

a) Clean the fan blades and front grill

Cleaning the blades is the easiest way to quiet a rattling Honeywell tower fan. Certain fans go dormant for long periods, and as a result, dirt and grease build up on the blades’ surfaces. This makes them unbalanced. The rattling level may be reduced significantly with a simple cleaning. After cleaning the blades, retest them to determine if the cleaning made a difference.

  • To begin, unplug and turn off your fan. Allow the blades to cease turning, and if the fan has been running for some time, allow the motor to cool for several minutes before continuing.
  • Disconnect the fan’s front grill. Screws or clips are usually used to secure box fans to the grill’s outer borders. A screwdriver can be used to remove the screws.
  • Next, remove the fan blades from the motor shaft. Due to their installation over a slightly elevated ridge on the shaft, most fan blades slide off. Others feature a little clip on the blades’ front or rear. With needle nose pliers, pry the clip off.
  • In a sink, clean the blades and front grill with dish soap and some water. Thoroughly rinse them and dry them with a clean towel.
  • Move the fan’s body outside or to a well-ventilated place. Compressed air should be sprayed on the motor and the rear grill to remove any built-up dust and debris.
  • Reassemble your fan by sliding the blade unit over the shaft and pressing it beyond the ridge. If the fan has blade clips, insert them until they lock.
  • Install the front grill and fasten it with its appropriate screws or clips. Carefully pull on the grill to tighten it and adjust it as needed.

b) Tighten the screws on the blade

All fan blades will be attached to the assembly through amount. They often have a decorative aspect, yet they serve a purpose greater than users understand. Due to the high rotating speed of the blades, the screws may become loose over time.

Examine the screws and tighten them where required. This technique can often resolve a rattling fan. Residents may choose to undertake this task regularly to ensure that unpleasant conditions do not become a recurring occurrence.

c) Apply lubrication to the fan’s motor

Fan motors use lubrication to reduce friction throughout their operation. If a foreign sound frequently occurs, lubricating your fan will help in reducing the noise. If a rattling Honeywell fan is a problem, you can access the motor. Check to see if any lubricant remains in the engine.

 If the motor is dry, add a few drops of the lubricant. The instruction manual for the fan can assist you. If the noises persist after proper lubrication, then the motor may be failing. Owners can seek assistance from an electrician in determining this.

d) Balance the fan blades

A balancing issue may arise after individuals have cleaned and examined the blades for warping. Some fans are poorly built and have blades made of different materials. The fan wobbles because the blades aren’t balanced. The fan can be fixed using a balancing kit available online and in most stores. Individual blades will be balanced with ease if you follow the instructions.

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