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A private Facebook or Instagram profile is a sign of _____.

a. paranoia.

b. maturity.

c. immaturity.

d. secrecy.

Currently, social media is one of the main modes of social interaction. It can be defined as an online platform that enables its users to share various information with their social networks/connections. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Question 4

Why have critics called for Zuckerberg to resign his position as CEO for Facebook? International Business: It is conducting business activities of buying and selling commodities, services, and technology across national borders. These transactions take place on a global scale.
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Answer and Explanation: The most correct solution to this problem is provided by option D: secrecy. To elaborate, the words most correct are used because the word secrecy is not entirely appropriate. The more appropriate term to fill in the blank is the term privacy. A private social media profile indicates that the user does not want just anybody to have access to their private information.
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: Zuckerberg has an irresistible control over Facebook, and this makes the public shareholders have little say, they are replaced immediately when they consider a change. He also did not prevent the loss of data by Cambridge analytical, where private data was accessed and stolen. Since Facebook is a company, it should have a CEO who is separate from the chairman. He is also accused of knowing about the Russian involvement in the US election but failed to take action by investigating the matter.

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