She’d do anything necessary for him. & I’d do anything necessary for her, so don’t let the necessary occur…?


Jay – Z and Beyoncé? Bonnie & Clyde 2006?

“So don’t let the necessary occur?” What is that supposed to mean? I mean, I’ve got my good guesses, but I was just listening to the track ealier today, so I wondered what other’s interpretations were…. Thanks.

Thanks to all for your answers so far, but I think B. Lily is closest to what I’m looking for, I mean, I know the whole line means they’re down for one another, but “so don’t let the necessary occur”. lol Maybe I’m reading too deep into it, but to me it just sounds like an inside thing almost, you know? What is ‘the necessary’….I’ve always wondered. At first I thought he was just struggling to find a rhyme, but now I think it’s more. Anyhow. I’m obviously wasting my life concentrating so hard on this….lol… but yeah, I think B. lily hit it most dead on…

5 Answers

  1. Meaning that he would do anything thats necessary to protect her so dont let you be the reason that this has to happen because you’ll be the target if the necessary measures has to be taken.

  2. Basically they would have each others backs when worst comes to worst.

  3. would kill for him/her or go all out if it came down to that

  4. he defintely mean!!! dont lik sh*t pop off…like dont make him have to hurt somebody/ kill somebody

  5. sayin he’d do anything necessary for her… so don’t do anything to her that would provoke him to do something to you

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