Select the correct statement below. the national response framework:

Question 1

The National Response Framework Is Meant To Achieve A Goal Within A Broader National Strategy”. In That Respect The NRF Is…

Question 2

How would the National Response Framework (NRF) work in conjunction with the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)?

Question 3

How would an incident commander incorporate the Engaged Partnership principle of the National Response Framework into response activities?

Answer to question 1

Question 1: a. The National Strategy for Homeland Security
Explanation: This is because The NRF provides guiding principles and doctrine for a response system that is unified and National Response Framework is also a part of National strategy for homeland security. 

Question 2:  True
Explanation: This is because the response segment includes effective response by the primary responders like rescue services, fire services and police services. 

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Answer to question 2

National disaster recovery framework is a guide to promote effective recovery for large scale or catastrophic incidents. National response framework mainly addresses actions during disaster response. NRF is focused on mainly the response actions and short term recovery activities that follow or take place with those actions. NDRF does not mean these short term actions but these activities affect the recovery activities and indicate the need for a structure and advice on recovery suggestions during the beginning stages of incident management.  It provides the tool to encourage that the recovery considerations are incorporated into the response operations.  NDRF try to establish an operational structure and to develop a common planning network as in NRF. The main principles and organizational constructs in NDRF are similar to NRF and build upon its organizational structure and resources to address recovery needs more effectively. The NRF fully transitions into NDRF when the disaster specific objectives of the emergency support functions are met and all ESFs immobilize. Together they provide policy and guidance to implement the response and recovery aspects of National Homeland security strategy.

Answer to question 3

An incident commander can incorporate the engaged partnership principle of the National Response Framework into the response activities through the implementation of response doctrine. It is important to mention that during a disaster nation as a whole collaborates and comes together to respond to an issue. This can reach a different level when the leaders at all the major levels come together and actively engages in aligning capabilities, sharing goals and support one another at the time of crisis.

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