San Diego is my city song?

I heard this song on the radio 90.3. the lyrics are san diego is my city, and i love it, i love it. I cant seem to find it. anyone have any clue who is the singer? and it is not a Lil’ Rob song. that is the only thing popping up when i search for the song.

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    patrick stump “this city” ft. lupe fiacso

    i dont think its specifically for san diego. its the guy from fall out boy

  2. haha! I hear it every day when I’m in the gym! I did a few google searches and only found lil rob. I couldn’t find it either. Good song. I’m in Del Mar. I wish I could give you an answer.

  3. Patrick Stump – This city

    The lyrics are changed in different areas, but it could be a different song altogether

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