Recipe for Grandma Putt’s Tonic, in a Jerry Baker’s the Impatient Gardner.?

Anyone have this recipe? Two of the ingredients are amonia and beer.

2 Answers

  1. Recipe for Grandma Putt’s Tonic:

    1 cup Epsom salt

    1 cup Listerine

    1 cup liquid soap

    1 cup ammonia

    Fill the balance of the quart jar with beer but taste test the beer first

    Add this mixture to a hose end sprayer (one that has a 15 to 20 gal capacity or adjusts to 20 gallons)

    Will spray up to 2500 sq ft of lawn

    Spray in May and again in late June (you can spray everything, shrubs, trees, etc)

  2. Jerry Baker Tonic

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